Tuesday, September 01, 2009

In Which I Answer Questions

It's such a pleasure to write down splendid words - almost as though one were inventing them. ~Rupert Hart-Davis

I've been awful at responding to folks lately, but this morning I feel a bit more on an even keel again. I'll be able to start stalking ... er... visiting your blogs again, I think and I also wanted to answer some questions and respond to some comments that were asked over the past few days.


Charity said:

Feel free to throw things at me, but ...

This story is actually finished, so do I really want to change an integral plot point and then have to completely rewrite the entire thing?

Uh, are you going to send it out in its current state? If not ...


Charity and I have a bit of a history where she calls me on something and then challenges me and I grumble and then listen to her. Because, folks, she's an awesome writer.

So, yeah, C you're right as always. *G* It's just that unlike SOME very strange folks (**cough** YOU **cough**), I hate editing. But when it needs doing, it needs doing. Bother.


Ceri commented:

Have a friend looking over one of them to see if she can see where I can cut 30K to make it Harlequin length.

And then there's NaNoWriMo (oops, sorry).

Cut THIRTY-THOUSAND WORDS? Holy smokes... good luck with that.

And, you don't live so far away I can't come and smack you for the NaNoWriMo thing. Just saying.


MomJane and Dru had similar thoughts:

How do you keep up with everything? I couldn't even begin to remember all the things you are involved in.

I don't know how you do all that you do, but I would be tired and looking for a 48-hour day.

I'm a HUGE multi-tasker and I seldom sit still. I don't find relaxing, well, relaxing. Taking time off is stressful for me. But, I would really like a 48-hour day.


Wendi Zwaduk said:

I'm up for doing JaNaNo with you.

YAY!!! I'll make a note of it and send out an invite to the blog when we're ready.


Tori said:

Cleo Coyle also writes the ghost mystery series I've been reading, just under the name Alice Kimberly. :)

Woo Hoo! That's great, because I really enjoy her voice. Adding her to my list of things to read... eventually.


Groovy said:

Hope your school year is AWESOME! What curriculum are you going to use?

We're using Abeka's DVD curriculum. It's fantastic -- sort of cheating, IMHO, but I get the best of both worlds: she'd being taught by a trained teacher AND I get to keep my finger on the pulse of her schooling and stay involved. I even enjoy watching the classes, and will sit in with her now and then.


In other news, I got DD enrolled in the art class for this semester. She's excited. So am I. I think she's really going to enjoy it.

The Y still doesn't have its fall schedule online, so that may be a bust for us. And, I've called and left messages for the leader of the 4H group we wanted to join, but haven't gotten a call back yet. If I don't hear this week, I'm going to call the headquarters again and ask for their help.

AND... the part for my washer came in yesterday. I have a repair appointment for this Saturday. I hope it works, because I do NOT like not having a washer in the house. My SIL has graciously opened her laundry room to us, and though I am very thankful, it's just not the same.


Your Defense Mechanism is Humor

When life gets you down, you just have to laugh. And that's a very healthy reaction.

It's not that you don't take your problems seriously. You do. You just don't let them control you.

You are able to make the best of things, even when things look very, very bleak.

Some people may consider your sense of humor to be dark, but it has served you well!

Hmmm... sort of right...



Dru said...

that's funny that you said "stalk" because sometimes that's how I feel when I twitter / facebook / email / newsletter with an author. But then I get over it.

I'm glad you were able to get DD into art classes. I loved my art classes and wish I would have stayed with it.

re quiz: My Defense Mechanism is Humor Yeah, if I can't laugh at myself then who can I laugh at.

I wonder why the 4H people are not responding to your inquiries.

I know how you feel about the laundry. My complex has 5 building and when our laundry room is unavailable we have access to the other four - but that requires getting dressed as opposed to wearing comfy clothes to go down to the basement.

I hope the piece fits like it should and you have your washer back.

Have a great Tuesday.

Anne-Kathrine said...

Interesting questions and answers.

One of the only things I miss from my townhouse was having a washer/dryer at home. I have to go to the laundromat, which normally includes listening to kids and parents scream in spanish with the tv on high in guess spanish lol. I kinda stand out like a sore thumb but have been going there so long the owners know me well lol.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Charity said...

Well, you know me, I live to serve.

Seriously, though, don't think of it as editing. Editing, to me, sounds hard. I almost never edit. I revise, re-dream, re-see (that's why it's called re-vision) the story.

I really think you have to get excited about whatever plot change you're going to make--sort of a palm-forehead moment when you realize it should've been that way all long.

It sounds like you're having the same issues with 4-H as we are with Girl Scouts.

Brandy said...

I don't like borrowing someone's washer either. We had to last year when ours broke and it was a pain in the fanny. I hope the part works and you are set to wash in your own home soon!
Great questions and answers! Our Daughter was using Saxon math this past year and we all looked at her book as though it was medusa, it was awful, so we requested A Beka this year. Has your Daughter had any issues with her math?
I had the same problem with Girl Scouts in my area as you are with 4-H. I finally gave up, though Daughter had been a Girl Scout until we moved here for over 3 years.

According to the quiz my Defense Mechanism is Isolation, which is totally correct. I tend to fold in on myself. Bleh.

I hope you have a fantastic day!

Ceri Hebert said...

Yah 30K. I don't know if it's worth it. Would you cut out a third of a manuscript just for the shot of having it published by Harlequin?

And whats this about JaNaNo?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I hope that the equilibrium stays - it sounds like you've had so much on your plate lately!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

You tell me when and I'm on it. : )

I hope she likes the art class. Which medium is it? I always liked acrylic paint and oil crayons. But then I believe with art, messy isn't always evil. Hope she does enjoy it.


Melissa McClone said...

My oldest wants to show dogs with 4 H. I'm supposed to call them back. Better get on that!

I have a book due 12/1 so no NaNo for me.