Saturday, September 12, 2009

Something New in our Driveway

A bargain ain't a bargain unless it's something you need. ~Sidney Carroll

Busy day for us yesterday. DD was working on a science project for school (which required a little hunting in the woods), and DH & I bought a new-to-us vehicle. He can never sleep the night before he drops a significant amount of money, so he tossed and turned and tossed and turned. I finally got up around 2 a.m. and crashed on the couch with the dog, who snores but doesn't toss and turn *G*

My DH is a car salesman's nightmare. He does massive amounts of research on something before he even shows up on the lot and he's an incredible negotiator. He will dicker them down to a price that's nearly painful. He knows what something is worth, and won't pay more. He'll allow the dealership a profit, but not an obscene one, and WILL walk away if they won't give him what he asks (we almost had a nearly new 4Runner ... *sigh*... but the dealer wouldn't come down enough in price). I'm lousy at negotiating, I HATE to do it, so DH goes by himself, because I have a lousy poker face. Then, when it's done, I come down and sign the papers. *G*

In any case, we got one of these (this is almost exactly what it looks like, except it's solid green):

And since every vehicle has a "call sign" in my DH's family, and there is already a "green bug" (and a black bug, and a gold bug and ... well, you get the idea), and since this is a bit shorter than the trucks and vans and SUVs that everyone else owns, it's been dubbed...

The Pea

My DD doesn't like the name, and calls it "Sweet Pea", but I told her that she can be the Princess in the Pea. *G*

We're selling my beloved 4Runner (**sniff**) and already have a buyer who's been bugging DH for it for a couple years. That's good, I suppose, but I'm going to miss my baby.

So, we're on the poor side of middle class again, but I have a fairly new, reliable vehicle and on the plus side, it gets much better gas mileage.

Still, I really love my Runner.


Your 80s Hunk is Kirk Cameron

Back in the 80s, you would have been the most popular girl around.

And obviously, you'd want to be with the cutest, most popular guy!

You like a guy who is friendly, funny, and a bit of a troublemaker.

Yes, you're a bit picky. But you're willing to fight to win you're dream guy's heart.

LOL... I did watch his show, but the rest? Not so much...



Dru said...

Congrats on the "new" vehicle.

re quiz: my hunk is Kirk Cameron I don't think so.

Have a good Saturday.

MomJane said...

I will miss that great 4runner. We had a lot of fun in it. I hope the sweet pea is as much fun.

My hunk was Michael J. Fox, and it didn't fit me at all.

Rebecca said...

great "new" car. I f you could i'd love it if you could head over to my writing blog, I have a surprise waiting for you there. My way of saying thanks.

Tori Lennox said...

Congrats on the "new" car!

Your 80s Hunk is John Stamos

Back in the 80s, you would have been a bit of a bad girl. And like any bad girl, you're totally attracted to bad boys.

You dig guys with a bit of attitude and edge to them. You want a guy who's challenging to hook in but happy to be with you in the end!

Well, I sure wasn't a bad girl, but I do dig John Stamos. *g*

Brandy said...

Congratulations on the New Car! We'll be doing something similar in March of next year, for my husband. But, we're looking for a Jeep Liberty. *G*

My results were Bill Gates. Um, NO. *G* Though Chris does sorta fit the parameters. *G*Back in the 80s, you would have been a total geek.
And only a geek guy could understand how much you love your personal computer.
You're into guys who are brilliant and fascinating ... even if they're a bit weird.
You don't mind a guy who's a bit shy or awkward. It's all about what's on the inside.

I hope you have a great day!

Keri Mikulski said...

Good luck with the car!!

Where is Kirk Cameron now?? Loved GROWING PAINS. :)

Diane Craver said...

Great new car! My husband can't sleep when he spends a large amt. of money either. Doesn't happen often though. :) Hope you get caught up on your sleep soon!

Take care, Marianne!

Anne-Kathrine said...

Woohooo congrats on your new car!! And having a buyer lined up already is great too!