Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Little Entrepreneur

"Big thinking precedes great achievement." — Wilferd Peterson

So, DD is really enjoying beading stuff. She has the book thongs down and made four yesterday (for an order she already got *G*). They're gorgeous -- see? Here are two I took pictures of (the other two are on colored ribbon with colored beads):

I'll be honest and say that I had no idea beading was so complicated. I took her to AC Moore and Michaels and got pretty much the bare minimum in supplies. I spent ... a lot (and that with coupons, sales AND my 10% off teacher discount at AC Moore) and we came home with: 6 different pliers, wire, hemp, ribbon, leather, and twine, crimping beads and tubes, three kinds of needles, a book on beading and beads. And what I got isn't even for regular jewelry making or using those itty-bitty beads.

In any case, she's excited and really applying herself (and taking her time) which is good to see. She's not the most patient kid in the world.

After she does several more thongs, we'll move on to bracelets, I think. I hope I don't need more supplies for them!

I told her once she'd made at least 6 more thongs, I'd open her Etsy shop for her. She's already planning on how she'll spend her millions...


We picked all our apples yesterday. They were the UGLIEST looking things you've ever seen, but boy did they taste good! We all ate some, and then I made a pile of applesauce. My SIL called and said our other SIL had dropped off a bushel of peaches from their tree and SIL had spent the morning pureeing them and did I want some? YOU BET.

I didn't have time to can the sauce yesterday, so today I'm going to make half regular applesauce and half peach-applesauce and can it all up. I think I might make some peach jam, too, if I have enough puree.

I'm also going to experiment with making my own refried beans (we use them a lot and they're so ridiculously expensive to buy) and canning them in pint jars. I don't know if I have to pressure can them or not, so will have to investigate.

Feeling a little like pioneer woman, lol.



Sarita Leone said...

The thongs are beautiful! Your daughter is wonderfully creative, and I love it that she has visions of building an empire. :-)

Hope you enjoy the canning. I'm hoping to make pickles today.

Happy Sunday!

Dru said...

Have fun today with your canning projects.

DD is so cute with her little start-up "company".

Have a great Sunday.

Maria Zannini said...

Good for DD! And good on you for encouraging her.

Ref: canning
Ooh, do let me know how your bean canning goes. You're right, they have gotten terribly expensive.

MomJane said...

Good for you and DD. Both busy doing fun stuff. It is always so nice to look at the finished products. It makes you feel really good. Have fun.

ceriwrites said...

They are so pretty! I was up at the Highland games yesterday and the bracelets were being sold for a lot money. I used to bead a lot until I concentrated my attentions on writing. Good luck to her! I hope she makes a fortune!

I have ugly apples too and the day to make pies.

Brandy said...

DD seems to have found another talent, for making gorgeous book thongs. Sending best wishes that her business goes well.

I hope y'all have a good day!

Tori Lennox said...

Two thumbs up to DD! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow your DD does good work!

Good luck with all the canning etc, great way to save some $$ and tastes so much better than the store bought stuff!