Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What, When, Where, Why and How with Christine McKay

Give a warm welcome to Christine McKay!!!

What character would you pick that could easily transplant into another

This is a hard one. I know you said transplant a character from one story
to another, but I consider my life the best story of all.

For the most part, I really love my characters. I'd love to pull my
bitchy but very talented queen Cerenth from "Shadow Queen" and put her
into today's world. I could put her to use shaping up my husband.

Morgan, from "A Taste of Summer Magic", is a modern day witch with kick
ass culinary skills. She could bring along both her men, Jason and Perry,
and set up shop in my kitchen.

And then there's my Scottish shape-shifting hero from my Harlequin
story, "Loch Dragon's Lady" (sorry folks, it's contracted but I don't
have a release date yet). How hot is a man with a Scottish burr strutting
around in a kilt? Bye, bye, husband. Hello Robert Dunyveg. Yummy. I'd
never get any writing done.

When you were young, what did you do?

When I was young and fearless, I did competitive and endurance riding on
my mule, Sidney. At that time, there were only 5 mules competing in the
Midwest (everyone else pretty much rode Arabians). I racked up a lot of
miles on both my mules and my crummy Chevy truck.

Why a mule? They're super smart and take care of their riders. I still
have Sidney and she's just as witchy as she was when she was 5.

I also played piano and pipe organ, showed dairy goats, and was very
involved with model horse showing (to the point where I became a state
certified judge). Yes - people do show their plastic ponies. I still
collect model horses - Chevals are my favorite as well as Peter Stone's
drafters, but I no longer show them.

Oh and I earned Expert status in the National Rifle League's Junior Rifle
program. That occupied every Friday of my life for 5+ years. So I'm very
accurate with a .22 target rifle. Unfortunately or fortunately,
that isn't a skill I have to use very often, though it sometimes comes in
handy when the coyotes decide one of my pets look tasty.

Where were you when you got your first kiss

I was in a field. And honest, it didn't go any farther than that!! Can't
comment on that one because I haven't shared those details with hubby.

Why does "I" come before "E" except after "C"?

Having a college English background, I could get super technical on this
one (but I can already picture you all yawning). And I'm sure the very
famous Ayn Rand would say "I" should come before all the letters in the
alphabet. If you haven't read her books, do so!

But let's just say, if "I" didn't shove "E" aside, hike up its skirt and
run, it'd have been swallowed by the sea. See?

How many rooms are in your house?

Oh, this is a funny. My house is less than 1000 square feet so every room
pulls double duty. We have the standard ones - bathroom and bedroom, but
the bedroom moonlights as the exercise room and the sewing room. The
kitchen and dining room are one and we also have a narrow hallway that is
the laundry "room" though I use that term loosely. The living room is an
exercise in compromise - my half is mustardy tone with dark wood
furniture, horse portraits and models, my computer and my piano. My
husband's side is painted fawn (ecru-ish) and features a zillion wildlife
paintings as well as an elk, 3 deer, and bear mount as well as black
leather furniture. We also share the space with a neurotic Jack Russel
Terrier and a very senile and ancient Schnauzer/Poodle/mutt mix. Oh and
every now and then, an orphan baby goat occupies the "laundry room".

About the Author: I've been writing as long as I've been able to hold a pencil, though thank God my mom wasn't one of those mothers who saved all her child's scribblings. Right now, I have two books contracted with Harlequin Spice briefs, 3 novels (2 fantasy and 1 contemporary) published with Cerridwen Press, 2 erotic short stories with Ellora's Cave, a very sexy m/f/m novella with Carnal Passions, and a sarcastic/comedic paranormal novella coming out with Champagne Books in April.

What can I tell you about my writing? For some reason, I attract folks who don't normally read. If I had a quarter for every time someone told me their husband/significant other couldn't put one of my stories down, I could stay home and write full time. But seriously, I have a hard time sitting still and my stories reflect that. They're sexy, they're fast paced, they're humorous. Visit me at


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Great interview. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Fun interview!

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