Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Vole Truth and A PARTY!

In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ~Sam Llewelyn

So... it seems our vole was NOT ALONE. I checked this morning when I put out my feeders (for those of you who don't know -- I pull in my bird feeders at night because we have a bear, or two, living in the woods behind our house) and two more of my mini-irises are toast, and there are two new holes next to their little brown corpses.

So...looks like re-planting plans are being put on hold. Today's schedule will include: 1. Moving as much of their food source as possible--so the irises and possibly the liatris will be dug up and relocated. 2. Setting the trap again and seeing what I catch.



There is a PARTY at the Long and the Short of It's Yahoo group this weekend!!! Woot! A boatload of autographed books, and LASR gear from Cafe Press will be given away. But you have to post to win. Come on by and join in the fun.


I got to see the cover for my upcoming novella, "Kitchen Matches" yesterday. It gave me quite an "awwwww..." moment. It's a cute cover, and Micah and Cori look so good together.


I'll share it when I can. It hasn't been officially approved yet.


What I'm reading: "The Hollow" by Nora Roberts. Finally. I wanted to re-read "Blood Brothers" first to refresh my memory.

What I'm writing: A short story written jointly with Judy for next week's LASR page. Darn that contest... we really shot ourselves in the foot because we got no new submissions outside of that. Not that I blame them -- a years worth of advertising is nothing to sneeze at.


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MaryF said...

Marianne, how do you like The Hollow?

Dru said...

Bummer that you have more voles. I hope you're able to catch them sooner rather than later.

re quiz: I'm comfy velour pants too.

Have a good weekend!

Tori Lennox said...

I'm not sure what to think about this:

You are novelty underwear, you are a cheerful, fun-loving person who loves to joke around and be the center of attention

Uh, I think not.

Brandy said...

Hmm, I haven't read a Nora Roberts books in a while. I'm waiting on Tribute. Are you going to read it, too?

Sorry to hear about the other Vole. I hope this one is easy to catch.

I was velour pants as well.

I hope you have a delightful saturday (And mix some fun in there! *G*).

anno said...

Sorry to hear about the other voles. Are you sure you don't want a terrier in your family?

Hope you get lots of reading & writing time in this weekend. FWIW, I'm a beachwear girl. Sounds right to me!