Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Sunshine

No price is set on the lavish summer;
June may be had by the poorest comer.
~James Russell Lowell, The Vision of Sir Launfal, 1848

Re: Yesterday's post -- a few of you mentioned heading over to look at the new LASR, but it's not there yet. Monday morning it will be launched (actually I have my suspicions about my ability to sleep Sunday night, so it may be up earlier than any of us suspect, LOL).

Judy worked like a dog (not MY dog... but, yanno) yesterday working on an HTML template I built her for reviews. It gave me hope that we might just make this in time. When we started this, just over a week ago, I fluctuated between, "This will be a breeze!" (that was the first day), to "We'll never make it." (sounding like Glum in the old cartoon, Gulliver's Travels... remember him?). But, by golly, we might just make it... down to the wire, but still.


Then I'm going to sleep for a week.


Dakota has progressed to the sneezing phase of whatever germ she caught. Last night, she snored with a rattly sound from congestion in her nose. It was actually sort of cute, though probably not for her. Hopefully, she'll be herself again soon.

Poor puppy.


Hot today. Humid. Sunny. It's rained for three days. Despite not being thrilled about the "humid" part, I'm really ready for some sun. Of course, I'll mostly be inside working on the site, looking out at the sun, but I imagine I'll find time to enjoy it at least a little bit.


Belmont Stakes today. Despite all the hullabaloo about Big Brown and steroids, I'd be happy to see him win. I remember very clearly watched the Triple Crown races for the last winner, Affirmed. Those were AWESOME races... bet there will never be races that are nose-and-nose like Affirmed and Alydar again. Amazing. Still, it's been quite a while, and we're due. Should be good.


Your Punk Band Name Is...

The Tired Octagon

Yeah... that's me.... the tired octagon. I feel a bit more like a square, though...


MaryF said...

Affirmed - could NOT remember the name. Remember Steve Cauthen was the jockey - he was a wunderkind, remember? And on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Time.

Yes, I had a crush - are you surprised???

Judy Thomas said...

LOL.... I'm The Loony Corkscrew. Now, how did they know that with just one question???? ;-)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Good luck, both of you, on the new launch, and REST this weekend, Marianne! Huge hugs.

Dru said...

One of the horses that was a main competitors was scratched this morning.

My punk name is The Apathetic Slinky. I like Slinky.

Tori Lennox said...

Y'know, they've been bashing the trainer for the steroid use, but the thing is, it's NOT illegal. If they've got such a problem with it, get the flippin' rules changed!

My Punk Band Name Is...

The Ambivalent Orb

Yep. That's me. ROFL!!!

anno said...

Adding my best wishes, too. Get some rest and be sure to have some FUN this weekend!

anno said...

BTW, I have a little something for you at my site, if you get the chance to stop by...

Dena said...

I hope you get it all done Marianne, I'm surprised you could get all the stuff for the website together in so short a time and that your squeezing it in with your busy life.
I remember Glum but couldn't remember his name. Thanks whenever I say that my sister cracks up.

My punk rock bands name is;
The Displeased Bear Claw
I could go for a yummy bear claw donut

groovyoldlady said...

A new story line for a novel: An unsuspecting middle-aged wannabe athlete innocently mounts her bike and takes a ride on a lovely HOT AND HUMID New England day without enough H2O to sustain her....Then she turns into a ZOMBIE. At this point she could wreak havoc on civilization or she could sit in an office chair moving nothing but her fingers.

Hahaha - I'm one of those that zipped over to be dazzled by the new site and I thought, "Gee, this looks pretty much like the old site." However, being sharp as tub of fluff, I actually thought it WAS the new site and that you had decided to keep the same look.

Yes, I am that observant.

I'll check back in on Monday. If I can move anything besides my fingers.

Brandy said...

I'll wait until Monday to check out the new site, I figured that's what you meant. *G*
Sorry to hear about Dakota, poor baby. Hope she's feeling better soon.
I also hope you get that sun you want, you can have some of our heat if you want. *G*

I wish you a lovely day.

Amy said...

Sorry Dakota is still sick.

I know you're working like demons to get the new LASR up and running, but take a few moments (or hours) and SLEEP. Yuu don't want to get sick as well,