Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tired Tuesday

Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds. ~JoJo Jensen, Dirt Farmer Wisdom, 2002

I'm a very, very light sleeper... and that's just the pits. Worse, I'm a paranoid light sleeper (probably comes from having a VERY active imagination and reading too many serial killer books), so I refuse to take sleep aids, or even use ear plugs, because, yanno... a bad guy could break in, or there could be a fire, or..., or...

Last night, though, it knocked me on my behind and I'm very groggy today. Between DH coming home late (midnight), then eating (microwave beeps), and then coming to bed when he was done, then snoring, then the cat sneezing, and DH's pager beeping every 10 minutes or so (low battery... and I didn't know how to fix it)...and the newspaper delivery guy...

What about you? Light sleeper, or sleep like the dead?


In Pillar Place 2008, we have five pupae, five more wanderers going to become pupa, about ten BIG bubbas that could take off on walkabout at any time, and three little guys pulling up the rear. DD wants to bring in the two she found outside. Um... no. No more swallowtails. At this point, any we find could conceivably be the ones who will overwinter as pupae and I don't want to store them in my basement again. No more pillars until the monarch arrive.

Speaking of which, we've had some pretty spectacular thunderstorms the past three days, complete with high winds, hail and HEAVY rain. It's all but decimated my milkweed. three of the buds broke off completely, and all of the stalks are bent over. Today is supposed to be fairly sunny, so we'll see if they perk up, but at this point, the stalks are weakened and I'll need to stake them up. I only hope the flower buds that are left will bloom... I've been looking forward to that since LAST year. Worse, if they don't, I won't have milkweed seeds to spread about.


My eye is so much better today! Dr. Groovy? I DID use tea -- black, green and chamomile because I'd heard they all work and it makes for an awesome compress. The swelling is almost completely gone, and I only woke up a little goopy today. Yay!!


What I'm reading: I'm reading the fiction book I got for review, and "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. Can I tell you how much I am LOVING that book?? I've got a list of notes and websites and organizations I want to look into and I'm only about 40 pages into it. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

What I'm writing: Actually, I didn't write for me. Yesterday, I worked on critiquing someone else's stuff.

Have a happy Tuesday!


Lianne said...

Hey! I'm back. :) I hope to STAY back, too.

Sorry to hear about your eye. That does NOT sound like fun. But then, conjuntivitis is no party, either. Been there done that, even as an adult.

I love the idea of the milkweed. I wonder if it grows this far south. When I have a place where I can grow a garden, I may do something like that.

Oh yeah, and I'm an in between sleeper. I used to be a heavy sleeper. Slept through an earthquake, a visit from a bear, and probably lots more I don't even know about because I was, well, asleep. :) But now that I'm a mom I don't sleep as soundly. Thank goodness for me, I'm not as light as sleeper as you are! I don't think I would survive a night like yours. Get some rest!

Melissa said...

Hugs on not sleeping well. That's no good. Hope you can catch up somehow.

I used to be a light sleeper. Since we got a dog, even with hubby away, I sleep so soundly. I figure she's got it covered!

Tori Lennox said...

I'm glad your eye is getting better!

Brandy said...

So glad to hear you eye is improving!
I am a light sleeper, hubs has to turn his phones to vibrate because he's signed up for Amber alerts on his regular cell and his work cell beeps with every incoming message, alert, email, work email, etc. Ugh! Everytime it goes off it wakes me up. (Sometimes even when they're on vibrate.) *G* AND he snores. I am not always gentle in letting him know, either. *G*

Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight!

Have a good day!

Ceri said...

I'm a fairly light sleeper. My DH drives me crazy when he comes to bed after work (generally around 3:30am) because more often than not he'll wake me up and chat.

We haven't had any spectacular t-storms over our way, we seem to miss them though we have gotten the thunder and some lightning. I guess that's a good thing.

Amy Addison said...

I usually sleep like the dead, UNLESS I'm not feeling well or am sore or achy. Or, if something startles me awake, I have trouble falling back asleep.

Or unless Husband is SNORING IN MY EAR. Then I wake up.

So glad your eye is doing better. Wahoo!

Dru said...

I sleep like a dead log. My one fear is that I won't hear the smoke alarm in time.

I'm glad the eye is feeling better.

I hope your Tuesday was a good one.

Marguerite Arotin said...

Glad your eye's feeling better hon. As for me with the sleeping, it all depends. If I'm super tired, I sleep like the dead, if I'm not that tired, I wake up easily. But we fo have to keep the door closed at night because the amount of trouble our one year old cat gets into at night could wake the dead ;-).

Diane Craver said...

I am a light sleeper too. And once I wake up, I have difficulty in going back to sleep.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Marianne, I fluctuate between light and heavy sleeper. I hate the "light" phases.

I'm so glad your eye is better!