Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa Wishes

And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. ~Dr. Seuss

My DD told me about three weeks ago that all she wanted from Santa this year was a good yo-yo.

Yes, folks, you heard right. None of this angst over trying to find a Wii or other fancy-schmancy electronic toy. In fact, my DD has no desire for a gaming system at all.

A yo-yo.

I was thrilled. How simple is THAT? And so, last Friday following a mammogram (woo! not...) I took some extra time for shopping. I started at WalMart, KMart and Target. Surely they would have something as common as a yo-yo.


Okay, time to pull out the big guns. I went to Toys 'R Us, being a brave person and willing to fight the insane crowds. However, also being a smart person, I stopped just inside the door and went to customer service.

Apparently yo-yo's are not them. They had none. Sold out.

I know! I'd try Sports Authority! I pulled out of the parking lot and climbed the hill toward the main drag to get to SA. Unfortunately, THE MALL was between me and SA. The traffic was horrendous, backed up forever. I was on top of a hill looking at the road. As far as I could see? Cars... unmoving cars.

I love my DD, but I just wasn't going to tackle that mess. I'd just go home and order one online. It was ten days 'til Christmas. That would be enough time.

My DH had sent me some links to yo-yo's at various yo-yo stores online. Every single one he sent was out of stock.

Who knew yo-yo's were so popular? I mean--have YOU seen a kid playing with a yo-yo lately? I haven't.

Finally, I researched what different shaped yo-yo's did, what different kinds of axles, different string, different materials meant for yo-yo use. And I found a site that carried them.

I bought three.

I paid extra for priority shipping.

Dear heavens, I hope they get here on time.

Yo-yo's. More difficult to find than the Wii.


Worked a bit on "Kitchen Matches" yesterday. Decided to try my hand at something that *might* work at Harlequin American (maybe the "Romance" line, but probably "American", because I love to build a fun secondary cast and Romance doesn't really lend itself to a community of charaters).

My main character is named Sunny (it's really her nickname, but she's gone by it her entire life). She's a former cheerleader and wanna-be-but-failed country singing star... and I need a last name for her. I tried on several yesterday but don't like any of them. I even thought about Bono, LOL...

So, I'm working on hammering out a decent plot and a strong hero, lots of conflict and a cast of characters for my fictional town of Fair Play. The basic idea came from a short story I wrote a couple years ago for a writing prompt that I called "The Hammer". My writing group said it wouldn't fly for publication -- it didn't have a real conflict -- but I liked the general set up and the H/H. So, I kept it in my old files and now think I'm ready to tackle it again.

My big project for 2008.

I also want to finish my secret baby cowboy mystery. And "Camilla". Maybe polish "Playing House", though the more I mess with it, the more I think it may never see the light of day despite my deep affection for Tish and Derek.

Another short story or two -- set in the thirties and forties. Man, I love that time period.

Hmmm... I think I've got most of my goals for next year. Cool. I'll make 'em official next week.

What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish in 2008?


I hit "random quiz" at Blogthings and this is what I got (and, yes, it made my head hurt this early in the morning.... but apparently, I did okay!):

You Are Incredibly Logical

Move over Spock - you're the new master of logic
You think rationally, clearly, and quickly.
A seasoned problem solver, your mind is like a computer!



Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Wow, Marianne, I'm exhausted just READING your goals for 2008. You GO, Girl!

Tori Lennox said...

Wow! I had no idea yo-yos were so popular! I'm glad you finally found some!

I had to quit the quiz. It was making me want to break things. *g*

Brandy said...

Wow! You're already working on your goals for 2008.
My kids love yo-yo's although I've never had trouble finding them at WW. I bet people were buying them as stocking stuffers. Your Daughter is great! I wish my 5 year old would stop asking for a Wii, we've already told him no. And told him. And told him. *g* I don't see why kids have to have them.
As for the quiz, I had to stop doing it as well, it made my head hurt! *G*

Have a wonderful day!

Dru said...

Why is it the simpliest toy is always the hardest to find. I remember when I was looking for a Slinky for my nephew and I went all over the city looking for it, having to break down and buy it online.

I haven't even begun to think of my 2008 goals. I guess I better focus on it soon.

You Are Pretty Logical

You're a bit of a wizard when it comes to logic
While you don't have perfect logic, you logic is pretty darn good
Keep at it - you've got a lot of natural talent in this area!

Ceri said...

Yo-yo? Thats great! Good for her and good for you and your husband. Although we have a Playstation 2 we've managed to avoid the whole Wii rage. For now they're content.

Goals for 2008? To finish Dreamers Sea and find an agent is #1 priority. I should've been done by October but the story keeps going and going and going. Then work on a sequel for Sweet Forever.

Got to get focused again.

groovyoldlady said...

That logic test was stupid. Who would waste time looking for shoes and socks in the dark? Actually, the shoes would be easy because every pair of mine are shaped differently. Socks? Use a flashlight, duh!

Sunny Cranston has a ring to it (I'm not sure if it's a GOOD ring...)

Sunny Dilmore, Davis, or Duncan (and they can call her Sunny D!)