Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Vet Visit

We have good news/bad news on the kitty after our vet appointment yesterday.

The good news? He thinks she probably has a food allergy of some sort, and recommended some limited ingredient / hypo-allergenic food. He gave me a list of brands, and two of them are actually something I'd feed my pets, so I'll try that.

The bad news? Her back teeth are nearly rotted out. I knew she had bad breath, and had mentioned it. It's clear just why now. I'm so angry ... the shelter had to have known. It's not something anyone would miss and they'd only had her since July. This problem has taken WAY longer than a couple of months to develop. The cost to have them pulled is in the many hundreds of dollars and after the many hundreds of dollars I spent on Breeann, more vet bills just aren't in our budget right now. I know the owner of the shelter personally, and I mentioned it to her via email. I doubt anything will be done, and I can't take her back (though the thought did cross my mind).

But I've learned my lesson about adopting. Next time, I'm treating it like buying a used car -- I want a full vet checkup with MY vet before I sign anything.

Hope your Monday was better than mine!


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Maria Zannini said...

You might want to contact the shelter anyway with a statement from your vet that the kitty had a pre-existing condition.

My niece adopted a little dog and she came down with parvo within a couple of weeks. She called the shelter and they took her back to treat her.

Angelina Rain said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the tooth problem. You should try to get the shelter to pay some if not all of the expense of pulling that tooth (or those teeth). When I adopted my Joey, he was supposedly perfectly healthy. However, for a dog who was also supposedly potty trained, he used to do it inside all the time. However, he would let us know when he had to do number 2 but not number 1. I took him to the vet and it turned out he had an infection which made the urge so sudden that he would do it anywhere. Because it was within weeks if me adopting him, the vet contacted the shelter and they cover most of the bill. And now, my Joey hasn't done it inside since (with the exception of peeing on people I don't like, but I've forgiven him for that one.)

My dog has food allergies too. The vet had told me what kind of food to get him, and although he didn't throw it back up, he was very gassy after eating it. Eventually, I found my own dog food that works for him. I get Pureena Pro Plan sensitive stomach formula. I'm sure they have something similar for cats. You'll find something that works for her.

Melissa McClone said...

Hugs Marianne. I'm glad you emailed the shelter. That is something they should have found on the intake exam when they got her. I hope they step up and do the right thing here.

BTW, our shelter here will take back any animal they adopt out. Not easy to do if you've bonded though, but people have turned them back in when it's not a good fit or other issues come up.


Brandy said...

Our shelters don't take back pets. I do think that you did the right thing contacting the shelter, though. Pre-existing conditions should be a situation where the shelter should have told you.

Best wishes for a good day.

Tori Lennox said...

Hugs on the bad news part of the equation!

Dru said...

I like Maria's suggestion and I do hope the shelter does something.

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