Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Dinner was good (I ate myself silly, of course), had a nice day -- very quiet, and little dull, but still nice.

Got home from the in-laws and found the newspaper in the paper box. Had forgotten that our "Sunday" subscription includes the Thanksgiving paper with Black Friday ads. Looked at some of them (there were about four inches of ads!!) and decided that, despite the great deals and coupons, there was NO WAY I was shopping today.

I used to do Black Friday. I'd go to the craft stores, and maybe WalMart and Staples. I avoided the mall, but the satellite places weren't too bad. A few years ago, I stopped going when parking was obscene and it appeared people were ready to kill or die to save a few bucks. Despite being a super frugal person, the stress simply wasn't worth saving a buck or two.

What about you? Any of you shopping Black Friday?

Hope everyone had a great day!


You Are a Special Dark Chocolate Bar

You are a deep and complex person. You don't let anyone get too close to you.

You stay a mystery, and you're good at keeping secrets... especially your own.

You prefer to stay on the outside a bit and observe. You find people fascinating.

You seek to understand and appreciate the world. There is more to you than anyone will ever know.

Not only is that spot on, but dark is the best kind of chocolate. If I were queen, I'd outlaw anything below 70%, lol...


Dru said...

I did Black Friday once and vowed never to do it again. If I'm going to shop, it will be online.

re quiz: the sames as yours and it is very accurate.

Tori Lennox said...

You could not pay me enough to shop on Black Friday. Especially not since many online retailers have sales too.

Brandy said...

I've never done Black Friday, but did go out last night and stood in line for almost two hours for Target. However, we did get three seasons of The Big Bang Theory for Chris at a fab price. And cute jammies for the kids-a Christmas tradition. However, I won't ever do it again. I just wanted to know what it was like, just the once. *g*

I hope you're having a nice Friday!

MaryC said...

We stopped in our neighborhood B&N briefly late in the afternoon but the only other shopping I did was online at Apple for their once a year sale.

NO sale could make me step foot in a mall today. I was happy to stay home, read, write and eat leftover pie.

Melissa McClone said...

I didn't go out super early, but hit a store around 7 am to get some pjs, slippers and blankets that were on sale. Also did some online buying on Thanksgiving day!