Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday in Review

Was crazy busy yesterday, and I don't think today looks any better... why did I ever think I'd have more time with DD in school?

I checked my calendar, and this Saturday will have been twelve weeks since I submitted "Now and Forever" (my "Kitchen Matches" sequel) to Samhain Publishing. *sigh* I'm not sure what I'll do at the end of the time. Oh.. well, shoot -- I just checked their submissions page and it says this: Please allow up to 12-16 weeks for a personal reply.

Guess I'll add another four weeks to the calendar. :-P

It's absolutely amazing how much turkey meat was left on the legs, wings and bodies of the three turkeys I deboned on Sunday. I ended up with about eight cups of cooked turkey bits from my stock pots!

I got two more turkeys yesterday. I just couldn't resist. I have one in brine for roasting today (but need to find a solid five hours at some point today ... not sure that's possible, and am checking into whether a turkey can be "over brined" if I leave it until tomorrow). Not that I'm going to have any more time tomorrow. Oy vey.

I took Dakota to the vet yesterday to have that yucky red growth on her head checked. At first look, the vet said, "It's either (insert unpronounceable name of really bad cancer here) or else it's (insert unpronounceable name of totally benign tumor here)." and she took samples by sucking goo from the center to look at under a microscope.

After about five minutes that felt like a hour, I found out that she didn't think it was the cancer. But, the cells are "definitely growing" and apparently this unpronounceable tumor will be getting larger before it goes away. And if it grows to more than twice the current size, or if it takes longer than a couple of months to go away, we should have it looked at again.

Fun times. But at least, for now, Dakota's okay.

How was your Monday?


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Maria Zannini said...

Glad to hear about Dakota.

Tank has many lumps. The vet tells us they're just lipomas (fatty tumors) but we still worry about him. Lipomas can turn into an infiltrated lipomas which is more serious.

It's enough to turn your hair gray.

Angelina Rain said...

Thanks for the update on Dakota. I hope she's okay. Could you remove the lump? I remember when I was in my teens I had a mole that was growing and it was painful as hell. Although it was benign, I still had it removed and not have to worry about it since. (Doctor had said that it could turn into cancer at any time, so removing it really put my mind at ease.) Maybe if you remove the lump from Dakota, it will put you at ease and you won't have to worry about it.

Brandy said...

Hmm, Angelina brings up a good question. Can it be removed and therefor you won't have to worry about it? Poor Dakota, she just trucking along despite everything, what a good girl!

Hoping you hear back from Samhain soon!

Hugs for a good day with lots of time!

Sarita said...

Love your tree!

Hoping Dakota is okay. It's so hard to see anything wrong with the furbabies, isn't it?

My fingers are crossed about your submission. They have been. I really wish you'd hear back so I can uncross them...

Tori Lennox said...

Yeah I was wondering why the vet just didn't remove it, too.

Dru said...

Crossing fingers on your submission.

Glad that the news for Dakota is better.