Monday, October 10, 2011

The Weekend in Review

We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend -- sunny, warm, beautiful. Hard to believe it's October in New Hampshire! We're having a late 'leaf peeping' season, though, because it hasn't been cold enough to turn the leaves until this past week. The color is starting, finally, and it's breathtaking. I'm consistently surprised at the vivid reds and florescent oranges that the maple leaves turn.

I didn't pull up my garden yet. Friday was busy with errands. Saturday, my friend from Massachusetts, Michele, came up to spend the day (YAY! Sadly, the last time I'll see her until late spring) and Sunday was filled with wood-stacking fun.

Unfortunately, by late last night, one of my wood piles fell over. Wood stacking: so much fun, you'll want to do it TWICE!

Today, I promised DD some fun, so we'll be seeing a movie (complete with popcorn) and a few other things. She also needs (wants) a few more school supplies (including a three hole punch she can keep in her binder).

My plans this week include trying to conquer Word Press (it can't be that hard, even if my brain doesn't want to wrap itself around the instructions) and cutting down my dead perennials so they can sleep the winter away. If I'm feeling really ambitious, I may put in some bulbs or a mum. I have some frog's tongue seedum that I hate and want to dig up, too.

Next year, I WILL find the time to enjoy my garden.

Anyone do anything fun this weekend?


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Pretty much right.



Dru said...

I didn't do much this weekend and that pleased me tremedously.

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90% accurate.

Have a good day.

Sarita said...

The weekend was busy with yard work. Just taking care of things before the snow flies.

Enjoy the movie!

Angelina Rain said...

No fun for me this weekend. Well, I got my royalties yesterday so that part was fun. I love finding money in my email. But besides that, just hecktic weekend.

I love it too when the leaves turn. They are just so beautiful in the fall.

Brandy said...

This weekend was full of doing things for family, errands and taking care of regular things. All in all, normal. *g*
Glad you had a good weekend! We haven't taken up our garden yet, either. But, that's because it's still warm here and will be for a bit longer. Our leaves are just starting to turn, too. I bet the leaves are glorious where you are!

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Hahahaha! No. Weird, I just prefer cherry wood.....

Hope you have an enjoyable day!

Maria Zannini said...

Are you planning on migrating this blog to WordPress or is this for a new blog?

I thought about going with WP once, but I really didn't want to learn something new. My brain is full.