Friday, October 14, 2011

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble....

I'm empty today, so I'm going to ramble a bit.

I do think I may have found one thing that will make life easier for me on the LASR site (it has to do with review request receipt, posting, tracking and issuance -- something that takes at least a couple hours a day). We're also planning a complete restructuring of the LASR site effective January 1, 2012 assuming I can find the time to actually do it.

DD was assigned a science project: freeze cold water, lukewarm water and hot water and find which freezes first. We started the project last afternoon and then promptly forgot to check hourly, so I Googled it this morning. Here's what I found out from Scientific American:

It all depends on how fast the cooling occurs, and it turns out that hot water will not freeze before cold water but will freeze before lukewarm water.

I'd wondered why they added "lukewarm" water to the test. Now I know. And, huh. Who knew?

DH and I had a lunch date planned for today (we've been having "date days" on Fridays -- his day off -- since DD has started school) but work decided they had to have a meeting at 11:30 today and he has to dial in. So, no date for us.

I found a Where's George bill a few days ago. I never remember to actually log my own cash in (yes, I have an account), but when I find them, I always put them in for tracking.

This one said: This bill has travelled 116 Miles in 2 Yrs, 188 Days, 10 Hrs, 6 Mins at an average of 0.13 Miles per day. It is now 116 Miles from its starting location.

The initial entry read this: My name is Isabella and I am four. My daddy is going to use this bill to buy gas on his way to work tomorrow.

It's interesting to see what happens to them.

That's about it for me. No big plans for the weekend... I'll probably spend most of it taking down my veggie garden and stacking wood. Ah, preparation for winter. Fun times.

Have a great weekend!


You Eat Like a Conservative

You may or may not be a political conservative, but studies show you sure eat like one.

You gravitate toward comfort foods and classics. And you don't waste your time with fancy food trends.

You prefer to eat what's tried and true. You get annoyed with people who have hangups about what's healthy.

Pass the mac and cheese, meatloaf, fried chicken, and apple pie. Your tastes are all-American as they come!

Yep ... no Thai food for me thankyouverymuch...



Sarita said...

I have a few of the Where's George bills. I keep thinking I'll look them up but so far I haven't done it. Thanks for the reminder!

I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

Angelina Rain said...

REF: Where's George
That is such a cool story! I did that once. In my waitressing days I got a Where's George as a tip and I went online and the entry read something like: We're visiting Chicago from Texas (or someplace, I think it was Texas) and are going for breakfast in the morning. We will pay for our food with this. --- The entry was put in the day before I got it as a tip. I put my entry in saying that I got it as a tip. I thought that was really cool.

Brandy said...

Never heard of the Where's George bills. But, it sounds interesting.
Sorry about your lunch date.
I supposedly eat like a conservative, though I can't eat fried chicken. *g*

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Dru said...

Sorry about your lunch date.

re quiz: I eat like a conservative.

Have a good weekend!