Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This, That and The Other

Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail. ~ Proverb

I'm a little dopey today, so please allow me to ramble.

First off, The Preditors & Editors annual Poll began yesterday. I'm nominated for best short romance, and would love a few votes! Also, The Long and the Short Of It is up for Best Reviews Site. If you could find it in your heart to toss a vote in that direction, too, I'd appreciate it. Here are the links:

Best Short Romance (I'm up for "The Christmas Curse" AND "Pregnancy Cravings")

Best Reviews Site (It's on there twice... maybe y'all could vote for the top one, so we don't cancel ourselves out?).

And, hey, take a look around and vote other places. I know Allie is up for Best Long Romance for both of her books from last year ("Lost in Paradise" and "One Night In Boston")...and I'm sure she wouldn't say "no" to a vote or two, either.



Don't forget that the information about my latest release is in the post just below this one... K?


Your Daily Dakota -- it snowed yesterday. A lot. We got just around twelve inches that I shoveled, by hand because our snowblower isn't working, from our driveway. But, hey, the kids had fun:

Dakota loves to chase my DD down the hill when she is sledding. One of these days, things are going to get ugly...

Dakota knows that I keep dog food in my pocket because I'm trying to teach her to come when I call, no matter what she's doing. And, when she comes, she has to sit at my feet. She needs a "will work for food" sign:

And to answer one of you from yesterday (Dru?), Dakota wasn't looking AT anything in particular... just watching things out the door.


Dru asked where I get my quotes for my blog. I get them from lots of different places, and I have them all listed here on my website under "quotes sites".


You Are Cherry Kiss Lip Gloss

You're a total girly girl who's every guy is sweet on.
You take pleasure in the simple things in life, from cute t-shirts to stuffed animals.

Any guy needs to match your romantic idealism to win your heart, which is why few have.
No wonder Cherry your signature flavor. It's delicious, sugary, and fun - like you!


Dru said...

I see up North is getting all the snow. You can send it down here if you want. We'll probably see snow in February and March.

I voted.

When it comes to life, you want the best of everything:
The best clothes, the best friends, the best guy - and you usually get all three.

You impress most people you meet with your genuine class and style
Strawberry is a classic, admired flavor that goes with many things. Sound familar?

Alice Teh said...

Dakota is looking like a darling. I wouldn't be able to resist such a lovely thing like her...

Tori Lennox said...

I'm Cherry Kiss Lip Gloss, too!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

My votes are in! Cute pics of Dakota, too!

Melissa said...

Good luck! I'll make sure I vote!

Allie Boniface said...

Thanks for the mention - I didn't even know about the P&E poll!

Brandy said...

I'll check the voting out! Dakota looks so cute! *G*
And I am cherry kiss lip gloss. Weird.

Have a great evening!