Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Writing, Writer's Groups and Win A Book!

Hold a true friend with both your hands. ~ Nigerian Proverb

Let me start by saying that I love, Love, LOVE my writing group. I adore my writing friends. Without them, I would be a poor facsimile of the writer I am -- though I am still growing and learning every day.


You knew there had to be a "but" didn't you?

But, I'm finding I no longer have the time to participate the way I'd like. I've taken on more responsibility in certain areas of my writing life that promise to be time consuming. Additionally, I want to write more and submit more and market more. At some point I will have a full length novel out in print. This is a good thing, but will keep me even busier. I will be marketing more, having books signings, etc. I have a couple of writing friends that I work with outside of the message board we all use.

I wonder if I've come to the point where I need to let it go.

It's an agonizing decision for me because, as I noted, I love the ladies in my group. But, at what point do you have to become a little selfish? When do you have to realize that there are only so many hours in a day?


For now, I'll most likely try to keep the status quo. If I start getting stretched any thinner, though, something will have to give.


I wrote a little more on a story I'm working through. It's set in 1953, just as the Korean War is coming to an end. It's a struggle to write because I'm utterly anal about details and worry that I'm getting something wrong. Thankfully, I have a wonderful resource in my mother, who lived through that time period. So I write a little and email it to her and wait for corrections.

It's the little things that'll trip you up. In "Miles From You", my heroine has car trouble. I envisioned her getting in the car, turning the key, maybe pumping the gas and having nothing happen. Then I recalled an old car we had w-a-y back when that had a choke. So I asked Mom, "Did cars in the 40's have chokes?" She replied, "Yes. And start buttons."

Start WHAT?

It's a ton of fun learning about the era. I'm really excited about the idea of writing from the stock market crash in '29 through the end of the Korean War. What an amazing time. So, expect more from me set in the past. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


We received a good response on the request for reviewers for LASR. Thanks! But, just to encourage even MORE outside reviews and reviewers, I offer you this chance: Review a recently read romance book or story. Email it to me (I plan on posting these on the site, so your email is your release for me to do so -- along with a reciprocal link to your blog or website). All reviewers will be put into a drawing to win a copy of "Crowned: An Ordinary Girl" by Natasha Oakley -- A book I read and reviewed on the site.

This contest starts now, and runs through next Tuesday at midnight (eastern time).

Thanks and good luck!


Your English Skills:

Grammar: 80%
Punctuation: 80%
Spelling: 80%
Vocabulary: 80%

I was hoping for a little bit higher. And, no, I didn't cheat and look anything up.

What about you?


anno said...

Oh, I wouldn't fret too much. Merriam-Webster lists supercede as a variant of supersede, and the definitions the quiz provided for ponderous seemed deliberately misleading, as "ponderous" is most commonly used to mean heavy or dull. Not exactly a scientific measure of your English language IQ...

Diane Craver said...

I did get 100% on grammar and puntuation but can't believe I received only 80% on spelling and 40% on vocabulary. Not good.

I know where you're coming from - I don't have a writing group but stressed out with so much to do. I just can't get it all done.

Your new story sounds awesome.

Heather said...

I scored the same as Diane (above) — except I got 60% on vocabulary. Jeez ... my vocabulary sucks! No wonder I swear so much. I just don't know the appropriate words with which to convey my ire. ;-)

Marty said...

Yes, it's hard to juggle everything, but things do adjust. Love your story ideas!

Dru said...

I got 100% on spelling and 80% on grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.

Melissa said...

Not going to take the test. I know I'd fail.

I've left writing groups and cps many times. We change as writers and so do our needs. It's no one faults and can't be helped. Just remember as Jenny Crusie wrote in an RWR once, "Protect the work!"

Allie Boniface said...

I've had the same experience re: writers' groups. Ultimately you have to put yourself first, I think. I do still participate but at a much lower level and probably one day will leave altogether if I can't manage it. If they truly support you and your writing career, they'll understand.

Trish said...

Fun test, but I guess my spelling is WAY below par! :) I think I've begun to rely too much on spell-check. My grammar and punctuation is 100%, though. Thanks for the amusement.

Julia said...

Thanks for your honesty. I teach English - scored 100% in spelling but 80% in just about everything else. How humbling. I must have missed "craven." Happy to meet you and bonne chance with the books. Fondly, Julia of Only My Dreams

Alice Teh said...

Hi Marianne, I did the test and here's the scores:

Punctuation: 100%
Spelling: 80%
Grammar: 60%
Vocabulary: 20%

I need to work on my vocab! LOL.