Friday, June 01, 2007

More Reviews! Woo!

Looks like ALL of my stories were reviewed by Fallen Angel Reviews! Yay me! I'm thrilled to my toes.

I have to share:

Now That We’ve Found You --- FIVE ANGELS!

Sarah has taken her daughter, Melinda, on vacation to the Smithsonian. Arriving at the hotel, Sarah is tired and ready to relax but Melinda has different ideas. Melinda loves dinosaurs and can’t wait to see them at the museum. The excitement in her eyes is enough to cause Sarah to head to the museum, tired and all. As they roam the Smithsonian, Sarah and Melinda meet a paleontologist named Duncan who loves dinosaurs like Melinda. Spending the day with Duncan, Sarah and Melinda have the time of their lives and are both saddened to know that Duncan is scheduled to fly back home to Scotland tomorrow. Will Sarah and Melinda lose their new friend as quickly as they found him?

Marianne Arkins has penned a delightful story centered around three characters that readers will instantly like. Melinda’s overzealous love for dinosaurs and personality is infectious. Sarah’s devotion to her daughter is wonderful to see. Duncan is an amazing man that is both passionate and gentle. In a short number of pages, Ms. Arkins was able to write a beautiful story that left this reader with goosebumps and sighing upon completion. Now That We’ve Found You is well worth grabbing and reading over your lunch hour. 5 Angels!
What a nice bunch of stuff to say -- this story has a special place in my heart. I know I shouldn't have favorites, but I'd have to rank this story as one of mine.

Tickle Fights and Barbecues --- FOUR ANGELS

Tina moves from California to Connecticut to care for her mother when her father passes away, but before too much time has passed, she loses her mother too. Feeling alone and sad, Tina puts most of her time and energy into nurturing the two award-worthy rose bushes she’s planted in her parents’ memory.

When a widower with a young, energetic son moves in next door, Tina smells nightly barbecue dinners and hears sounds that make her wonder if they’re not having tickle fights beyond the fence. She quickly finds out who her neighbors are when the young boy’s baseball makes an appearance on her side of the fence. She warns him about her show roses and makes him promise to be careful with his ball playing. Although Kenny promises to take care, his ball does come flying back over the fence–right into one of Tina’s bushes!

Tickle Fights And Barbecues by Marianne Arkins is a sweet tale. There are lots of homey images and emotions in this story, and I enjoyed it a great deal. The relationship between Tina and young Kenny is realistic and energetic. The way she deals with losing her parents is both heartbreaking and satisfying, as well. This is an emotionally charged story. Readers can’t help but be touched by the author’s words.
I'm still amazed that folks I don't know say such nice things about my stories. They're all "sweet" but I hope they aren't insipid... It seems as though they've been read and received exactly as I'd hoped.

You can read about all of my stories, both currently published and upcoming, at my website.

I think I'm floating a couple inches above ground.

Have a great weekend!


Charity said...

Wonderful reviews! And hey, there's nothing wrong with sweet. So don't worry.

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What a [well-deserved] thrill! Congratulations!

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Congrats on the great reviews, Marianne!

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Congrats on the reviews, Marianne! It's so nice to see them. :)

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Congrats on all the wonderful reviews, Marianne!!