Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fifteen: Chores...

My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint. ~ Erma Bombeck

Time for the Friday Fifteen

Fifteen Chores I Haven't Done In A LONG Time

1. Cleaning under/behind the refrigerator. I have a cat, a dog and a young daughter -- it's amazing what gets underneath the fridge. Besides the obvious: pet hair and dust, we also find toys, food, rocks and so much more. I'm pretty sure a cucumber slice was dropped and slid underneath it a few months back. I'm not prepared to check quite yet.

2. Vacuuming under the furniture. I hate moving the sofa and beds to vacuum, but it needs to be done. We get the strangest pale gray lint everywhere. I've never had it before -- didn't get it in California or Colorado. I don't know what is unique about New Hampshire, but it's really disgusting. The last time I vacuumed under the bed the canister was plum full of the stuff. Very weird.

3. Cleaning the tops of the cabinets. It's probably been a year since I climbed up on the counters and contorted my body to wipe down the ten inch space between the tops of my cabinets and the kitchen ceiling. But hey, no one can see it, right?

4. The outsides of my windows. I started doing this yesterday. We have the kind of windows that will tilt inward so you can clean both sides, but pretty much every single time I tip them funny and DH has to run for the tools to fix it and get them back in. I don't know why... I'm careful, I swear. I'm just jinxed. Or maybe, sub-consciously I don't want do do this particular chore and sabotage myself?

5. The green gunk on the bottom inside of the windows. I've mentioned before that stuff grows out here better than any place else in the country, right? Unfortunately, this also includes mold. The siding on the back of our house (which gets little light) is green. So are the bottoms of the windowsills between the screen and the window. I scrubbed two of them yesterday -- the kitchen and the basement. Only eighteen more to go. Yeah, that's going to happen.

6. The walls. We run a wood stove in the winter and it causes this fine, gray dust to settle everywhere, walls included. I manage to forget about the walls until I do something stupid like wipe a fingerprint smudge... then it's all over. That clean part shows how dirty all the rest of the walls are. I try to remember not to wipe smudges... but sometimes instinct just kicks in.

7. Clean inside the toilet tanks. I know, I know... most people don't do this. But most people don't have my well water. The tanks grow this most amazing fungus (stuff grows here, remember?) and need to be scrubbed now and then. The water is also very high in iron (without our water softener and sediment filter, it tastes like you're drinking blood) and it turns everything yellow. I think this will go on my to-do list today.

8. The pantry. This chore amuses me when I do get around to it. I always end up with dozens of the same item, opened and half-used. I typically do this chore when the pantry gets so full I can't fit anything else it there. I have a ways to go yet.

9. The refrigerator. See above. In addition to the pantry issues, there are also the odd spills and leaks, but I *mostly* stay on top of those as they happen. Because I grind my own flour (though haven't in a while), I have to store it in the fridge, so space is limited for other stuff, and I run out quickly. This is on my mental to-do list, but hasn't been done yet. When it really, really bugs me I'll tackle this task. Soon, I think.

10. My desk. The pile to my right is growing larger and larger. Mostly it's notepads, used to make notes on story ideas or to write miscellaneous scenes for existing stories/novels. I like to use a different notepad for every story/novel, so there are (hang on, let me count) six spiral notepads there right now, topped with two books and the charger for my digital camera. That's just in one little spot. I don't want to talk about the rest.

11. Stripped/polished the floor. I hate this task more than any other in the world. I'm leaving it until the DH is frustrated with it and does it himself.

12. Waxed my vehicle. I own a red automobile. If it isn't waxed regularly, it fades to pink. DH used to take care of this for me, but he doesn't seem to have the time any more. It really needs to be done. A word to the wise: never, ever buy a red car. Ever.

13. Vacuumed my vehicle. And it needs it. In fact, I think I may do it this weekend.

14. Weeded my backs "woods" garden. Did I mention things grow here? Like crazy? Especially the weeds? UGH.

15. Bathed the dog. It's been more than a month... she's beginning to smell. Saturday will be bright and sunny and warm. Guess who's getting wet (besides me, of course...)?
All of that makes it sound like I'm a lousy housekeeper. I'm not, really. In fact, people comment that my house is ridiculously neat. They're right. But that all stems from being married to my DH, a neat-freak extraordinaire. He's tidy but doesn't care so much about the dirt, and I'm clean, but a clutter-bug. It works.


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Cat. said...

I'm chuckling at your household list...but totally freaking out at the idea of having to clean the toilet tanks! Talk about coming to a shrieking halt when I scanned to that one--I'm now terrifically grateful that I (don't think I) need to do that!

The cabinet husband is planning to install a soffit above them with a plate rail for decor. What a horrible mess the tops become after only a couple months. GROSS!

Have a great weekend!

Jenn in Holland said...

Ugh, these are all the chores I leave until they absolutely MUST BE DONE. Eek.
You made me laugh out loud with the cucumber which may or may not be under the fridge!
Great list. When you are finished with yours, you want to come clean mine? Please?

Charity said...

Wait. You're supposed to clean under the fridge?

Who knew?

anno said...

I'm with Charity, if I can't see it, I don't clean it. So maybe you'll understand why I walk around wearing blinders...

A friend & I once had a conversation where we agreed that women will more easily share intimate romantic escapades or detailed health histories than they will confess to their household cleaning habits (or, in my case, lack thereof). Those are serious secrets you're confiding!

Tori Lennox said...

I think cleaning some of those things is Highly Overrated, anyway.

Gay said...

I've had the same housekeeper for 24 years. She comes once a week to clean and do laundry. DH and I first hired her when I was in medical school--we did the math and figured that it was cheaper than marriage counselling, and it got us out of doing housework, too! (All of our arguments centered around whether or not looking at the stove was the same as cleaning it--he swore it was! He didn't want me to do housework, because he wanted me to spend time with him when I wasn't studying, but his idea of clean, well, wasn't...)

I've grown used to her tsk'ing at me, and I know where to look for things now. And we've got a mobile dog groomer that comes to the house once a month for the dog--$40, and worth every penny. So it's only the clutter and daily dishes I have to cope with. Sad to say, I'm still bad. Oh well.

Woke up with a migraine today (now gone), but it comes back every time I get up from the couch (even for bathroom trips). Guess I'll have to write all day. My emoticon today is COOL .

Heather said...

I'm totally with you on the housecleaning thing. This is why I married a man with borderline OCD. The dishwasher has to be loaded just so, so I let him load it. His clothes have to be folded just so, so I let him do the laundry.

He has so many just so hangups that I have nothing to do. Instead of housework, I lounge on the sofa while my daughter fans me with a giant leaf.

What can I say? It's an unusual arrangement, but it works for us.

And, of course, I feel compelled to add that much of the above is simply not true. Except the OCD part. And the fanning.

Melissa said...

I have a housekeeper who comes once a week so I don't have to think about stuff like that. Hubby does the dishes for me cause I hate doing that with a passion. I am so spoiled!

Dru said...

Your list scares me. I would be scared to look, let alone clean, behind my refrigerator.

I have flip windows so I do clean the outside.

groovyoldlady said...

I am laughing paper.

I just cleaned behind/under the fridge last week and the Evil Voice of Doom just made me (forced me, really) to take down the shampoo/soap holder thingies and scrub them.

But I hate dusting. I don't know why, 'cause it's not hard to do UNLESS you put it off for a month during pollen season.