Thursday, June 28, 2007

Booking It Desperately

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. - Dr. Seuss

What’s the most desperate thing you’ve read because it was the only available reading material?

I was never allowed to read books at the table -- unlike my DD who can barely eat without reading (I know, I know, it's a bad habit, can cause mindless eating and overweight... blah, blah, blah).

We were also quite un-rich (I don't like to say "poor" because we had what we needed, just barely, and I didn't go hungry or naked), so when we had cold cereal it was either big bags of puffed wheat or, when Mom splurged, generic boxes of Tastee-O's! The only really bad thing about the generics was the fact that there was a picture of the product on both the front and the back of the box. So I all had to read was the ingredients and nutritional information.

But you can bet I read it... every last word.

I think people who are truly reader, read everything. Can you drive down the road without reading the billboards or the road signs or that yellow "yard sale" sign on the telephone poll?

I didn't think so.

If it was longer than a cereal box or an advertisement, did it turn out to be worth your while?

Seldom is any reading wasted, IMHO.

We're still looking for reviews for LASR -- I have many folks who have requested us to review their pieces, and am thrilled! But I would also love some of you who may have read a good romance or women's fiction or even a YA with romantic elements to send me reviews. Let's get people reading the good stuff! C'mon, you know you want to.


Thunderstorms rolled through last night, and more are due today which means the heat and humidity should break. It's already cooler this morning, about 70 degrees. Yay! My garden is nuts -- I may not like heat and humidity, but the green growing things do (especially the weeds... why is that?).

Have a great day!


Alice Teh said...

Hi Marianne, I read during meals too. It's a bad habit, I know, but I just can't help it. Billboards. Yes, that too. Since hubby drives most of the time, I get nice views and lots of fun reading them, even if they're the same ones and I've read them for the umpteenth time. Haha.

Ceri said...

I'll post my booking it later today with my answer.

What a wild evening last night! We lost power for about 2 hours. I was writing by candlelight. I got a lot done. But the storm held my attention.

kat said...

I read during eating too. My mom did tell me it was a bad habit, but I haven't gotten rid of it. Somehow, the more delicious the food it, the more I want to read while eating it hehe.

Seldom is any reading wasted, IMHO.

I agree to that!

cj said...

Cereal boxes were a favorite when I was younger, for the same reason you say - I couldn't read at the table.

In HS, however, I managed to get away with reading the morning papers.

Now, since it's usually just me for most of my meals, I read whatever I want.

I'm not sure it's a good thing.


teabird said...

Oh yes, cereal boxes - soup cans, whatever - I still like reading while I eat, but I only do it when I'm alone -- unless I'm with a similarly-disposed friend, of course!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great post Marianne! I wasn't allowed to read at the table growing up either - thankfully, I allow myself to do that now :) You're right about the cereal boxes, soup cans, billboards, garage sale signs - love that part. Definitely the sign of a true reader :)

Have a wonderful day and Happy Reading!!!

Cee Cee said...

I used to let my brothers take the prize just give me back the cereal box! I'd reread that box every morning. I'm like you, I read EVERYTHING I can get my hands on. Happy BTT!

Melissa said...

I don't let my kids read at the table. I was allowed to read whenever I wanted when I was growing up, but I think family meals are important.

Julia said...

I was never allow to read on the table when I was kids either. Because as Melissa said, family time was important to my parent. So like you have done, Marianne -- I read from the cereal box too. Even anything snack wrappers LOL.

And yes I agree with you that a truly reader would read everything -- I always read the billboards and either enjoy or get confuse with the advertisments on it. Even yard sale sign or some people holding up a sign for special free services (wash car, bottle water, foods..etc). Or even person holding sign begging for a ride or foods LOL.

Great answear Marianne, you sure do make me think today :) Happy Booking Through Thursday - I wish you well :)

Tori Lennox said...

I used to read cereal boxes, cracker boxes, you name it. And, yeah, billboards and other signs if I'm traveling. You never know what you'll see. *g*

DeN said...

I was never allowed to read at the table while eating, but I can still clutch the book to me and eat with one hand, right? I would usually sneak a peek or two before my mom notices ^_^

Hope you're having a great Thursday!

Rowena said...

Seldom is any reading wasted, IMHO.

So true! I always read the back of cereal boxes when I'm sitting there at the table, if my sister gets the ones in the bag, I read the bag. LOL.

Dru said...

We couldn't read books at the table growing up and I still don't. Not as comfy as reading in my favorite chair. I did read everything that was readable, including the dictionary.

The one good thing about riding the subway is all the free reading material.

Melody said...

Hi Marianne! I wasn't allowed to read during meals when I was younger of the family rules, not to mention it's rude to do so.

But yes, I do read cereal boxes, can soups, instant noodles etc, and not only I'm bored but I do find them informative, like you know what ingredients are they putting in etc etc.

Happy BTT!

Michele said...

What a great post!
And what a relief to see that I am not alone. If you hadn't written this, I never would have know that it is actually quite common.
I am amazed for I too read the ingredient list on the cereal boxes. Now I read cook books while I eat.

Like the others, reading at the table was forbidden but then again, there wasn't ever room to put anything readable on the table. It was always loaded with condiments, bowls, plates and us.

Now, Oh I cringe at the change. Now kids sneak their gameboys to the table. I'd much prefer books!!

So even though I'm an adult, I can't read at the table because if I do, than I'm setting the example that a Gameboy is OK too.
And it's not.
So I don't .

I thought it was supposed to be easier once I "grew up". LOL

Rhinoa said...

I try not to read whilst eating now, but I used to read cereal boxes when I was younger too.

howzerdo said...

I wasn't allowed to read at the table during meals either. Now I read the newspaper in the morning, but usually I am only drinking coffee.