Sunday, June 03, 2007

Randomness: Bookworm?

Books have to be read (worse luck it takes so long a time). It is the only way of discovering what they contain. A few savage tribes eat them, but reading is the only method of assimilation revealed to the West. ~ E.M. Forster

I decided on a meme today, from "Randomness" but didn't like today's. So... I went back in time to the May 11th version.

If you're like me, you're a bookworm. I love to read. Whether it be a book, magazine, back of the cereal box...anything. However I do prefer a good long novel. So for this week, lets talk about our fav books.

1. Do you like to read? What is your fav book? author?

Um, yeah. I like to read. I don't really have a favorite book or author. I loved Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie. Angel's Fall by Nora Roberts is one of my faves from her. I'm enjoying re-reading Catherine Coulter's FBI Series right now -- I'm about to start The Target. I loved Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. The Valdemar Series by Mercedes Lackey and the Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffery are two of my favorite fantasy series.

Better stop now before I bore you to tears!

2. Do you hate it when they turn a book into a film?

Usually. I loved the Lord of the Rings movies -- they were a notable exception. But usually they destroy stuff. The recent movie Flicka? Hello? Did that have ANYTHING to do with the book "My Friend Flicka" that I loved as a kid? Uh, no. The Firm by John Grisham -- the movie completely changed the ending. All of the Nora Roberts books made into movies? Bad, bad, bad. I could go on, once again, but I'll stop.

3. Has a book ever changed your life? How?

The Hobbit, most likely. It was the first "grown up" book I read -- in fourth grade. I remember doing a book report on it, and my teacher wasn't sure if I'd really read the book by myself. But it opened a whole new world for me.

4. Do you tend to borrow books from the library or do you prefer to buy them?

I read FAST. I'd go broke buying books to read. Yesterday, I took most of the day off of writing and I read two books. Typically, I'll borrow from the library -- and if I love the book enough to want to read it again, I'll go buy it.

There are exceptions to this rule. Nora's trilogies are an auto buy for me. Jennifer Crusie is an auto-buy. Books that continue a series that I like, I'll buy without reading. But mostly, I borrow.

5. Which book are you planning on reading next?

Well, either "The Target" as noted above, or the next book in the Sherbrooke Brides series (also by Catherine Coulter), "Mad Jack". I also have two books I borrowed from the library for research that I want to get to: The Fifties and Women of valor : the Rochambelles on the WWII front. I want to write another Vintage Rose story. I really enjoyed it when I wrote Miles From You.
How about you? Do you have any movies-from-books that you enjoyed more or as well as the book? Are you a borrower or a buyer? What are some of your favorite books and authors? I'd love to see your answers! If you don't want to post them in the comments, use your blog and leave a link.

Have a wonderful day!


Sarita Leone said...

You've got great taste in reading, Maria! Jennifer Crusie is an auto-buy for me, too! :)

Allie Boniface said...

Fav authors: Stephen King and Jodi Picoult for contemporary, and Dickens, Shakespeare, any of the Bronte sisters for classics.

I probably borrow 60% and buy 40% of the time.

And movies from books don't really do it for me. Nicholas Sparks "The Notebook" is the only exception - I actually enjoyed the movie more than the novel.

anno said...

Favorite authors: Ann Patchett, Margaret Atwood, Meg Cabot, Janet Evanovich, Jane Austen, Dennis Lehane, Tom Perrotta, Nick Hornby, Ruth Reichl, and of course, Jennie Crusie. And those are just the ones that immediately come to mind. I'm sure I've forgotten somebody essential.

I'm trying to buy less these days. Much less. I can't stand the thought of building another house just to hold our books. I borrow probably 95% of what I read.

Movies from books that I enjoyed at least as much as the book: Bridget Jones's Diary, The Hours, High Fidelity; The Godfather was much better as a movie than the book.

Dru said...

Favorite authors: Nora Robers/J.D. Robb, Catherine Coulter, Janet Evanovich, Stuart Woods, Linda Howard, to name a few.

I'm a 45% borrower and 55% buyer of books.

Don't care much for most books to movie because they always mess up my favorite scene in the book.

The next book I'm reading is Invisible Prey by John Sandford.

Dewey said...

I try hard to read books before I see the movies, but a couple times a movie has interested me in the book. One example is Thumbsucker.

I'm a borrower and a moocher ( mostly, but also a buyer.

Marty said...

I would also go broke if I bought every book I wanted. I recently read Jenna Black's books, and loved them. I also like James Ellroy's crime noir novels--LA Confidential is one movie that did well, but when I went to see The Black Dahlia...well, don't see it, lol!

OTOH, I listen to the Harry Potter books (love the narrator, and reading all her created -ly words would drive me nuts) and love the movies, too.

Shauna said...

I'm an avid reader. I absolutely LOVE reading. That being said, I'm almost ashamed to admit this...but I've never read Pride & Prejudice. And for a romance enthusiast like me, that's a hard thing to admit. But call me naive or whatever, I simply cannot comprehend how the book could be better than the movie. At least not the A&E version. Hello! Colin Firth and those gorgeous eyes of his! I'd rather enjoy the story and watch him at the same time. How can it get better than that??

FalnAngel7 said...

The Harry Potter series is great as book and film. I also really enjoyed Interview With a Vampire (which was really a combination of that and The Vampire Lestat). I hated Queen of the Damned though. I also tend to like alot of the Shakespeare adaptaions - especially Henry V. Usually anything that Kenneth Branaugh touches in that vein is good.

I was a buyer for a long time, but I recently discovered the trading sites like Bookmooch and Bookins. Now I get most of my stuff (except the newest stuff that I can't wait for) that way. I can't be bothered bringing stuff back, but droping it in the mail is easy.
Not much is a must by anymore. Even Anne Rice doesn't excite me as much anymore - she seems to be cranking stuff out to meet contract obligations now.

Alice Teh said...

Hi Marianne, I'm going to post my answers here:

Do you have any movies-from-books that you enjoyed more or as well as the book?
So far, the one I liked most is from The Lord of the Ring trilogy. I still like the book better than the movie.

Are you a borrower or a buyer?
I buy a lot. I like owning them and read at leisure. When I borrow, I usually have this nagging feeling that I need to return the book(s) ASAP...

What are some of your favorite books and authors?
Some of my favourites are Twilight (same as you!), Tuesdays with Morrie, LOTR trilogy, and many more...

Thanks for visiting my book meme!