Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

A Meme or two, just for fun:

Thirteen Books I Want to Read This Year:

1. The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason (it's sitting there on my shelf, beckoning me ... but I have work to do first)

2. The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes by Jennifer Crusie, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart(it isn't out yet, but it will be... it will be...)

3. The Boys Club by Charity T. (of course, this one isn't published - yet - but I have high hopes)

4. Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer (again, not out yet ... I have a lot to look forward to this year)

5. Paradise USA by Allie Boniface (Not out yet, but it will be soon!)

6. In The Stars by Eileen Cook (not out yet... are you sensing a theme?)

7. Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward (Nope, not out yet)

8. Firestorm by Rachel Caine (Hey! This one's actually been released!)

9. White Lies by Jayne Ann Krentz (this one is actually in my home)

10 - 13. Don't Tell, Have You Seen Her?, I'm Watching You, and Nothing to Fear -- all by Karen Rose (and HEY! These have been released, too!)

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Now for one more about books:

Booking Through Thursday

What are your reading habits? Do you tend to read at specific times during the day, or does it vary from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute?

I read whenever I can (which isn't often enough): while I eat (I know, I know... you're not supposed to do that. Too bad.), while I cook dinner (reading and stirring are easy enough to do -- it's not like patting your head and rubbing your tummy), sitting in the TV room with DH while he channel flips (I HATE channel flipping -- really, how can a guy see if he likes something in only four seconds?), before bed. I wish I could set up a "regular" time to read. Maybe I'd get more of it done then!

Anyone care to join me?


Charity said...

Aw, to quote Kyra, "You're the sweetest I ever heard." You know, I'm not sure when I'm actually going to revise TBC. The thing is long; it has parts! Parts, I tell you!

But if I do, you'll be the first to know.

anno said...

Reading & cooking? Haven't tried that. I've tried writing and cooking, running back between the cooktop and the computer, with catastrophic results for both endeavors. I'm more likely to do my reading in the bathroom while brushing my teeth.

Judy said...

I always read for a while before falling asleep. I seem to need that "down time" before my brain shuts down completely. I read while eating, but only if I have to eat alone for some reason. And, I've been known to read while cooking. I also keep a book with me in the car so if I have to wait for Bob or, if I'm alone, I have to wait at a railroad crossing.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ooh, Rachel Caine. I'm still trying to catch up on her Weather Warden series.

(btw, seen the contest that writing aspirations and I are hosting? You might dig it!

Allie Boniface said...

I read before bed; it's my only downtime during the day.

And what's up with the hubby flipping channels thing? Mine is exactly the same way. But I can't read while he does it...too distracting!

meeyauw said...

If I read before I go to sleep then I dream about the book. That can be good; but it can be awful bad if I am reading Stephen King!

Julia said...

I'm waiting for "The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes" and "Agnes and the Hitman" too! When is it ever going to get here!

I am new with Karen Rose but I have the first two books of her in my TBR piles. Will be reading these soon, since I love romantic Suspense books a lot!

Happy Belated T13!

Eileen said...

Thank you SOOOO much for listing my book on your "to be read" list! If you like drop me an email with your address and I'll send you a bookplate for it is signed. I appreciate it and hope you love the book.