Friday, February 09, 2007

Just For Fun

I posted a prompt in my writing group this morning that included a trip to one of my favorite sites -- Humorscope.

Here's mine:

Capricorn -- You will discover the secret to becoming a great artist! You can stick anything you want on the wall, the trick is to make people think deep thought went into it. For example, spray-paint a bathroom plunger gold, and stick little angel wings on it. Call it "Life In The Details."
Sounds a little like my writing. I fool a lot of people into thinking that deep thought went into it. I'll tell you a secret... come closer... you ready? I'm not deep. Shhh... don't tell anyone.

From Yahoo Horoscopes:

If you're feeling distant or detached around a romantic partner or a close friend today, take it as a sure sign that you need to spend some time alone soon. Your emotions may be telling you that aligning yourself so closely with this person, while wonderful in many ways, could be causing you to lose sight of your own objectives in life. You don't have to isolate yourself for a week on a deserted island -- simply enjoying a quiet night to yourself may be all you need.
Oddly enough, this is my one night I actually do get to myself. DH plays hockey on Fridays. I love this. I get control of the television... my one and only day of the week. Now, if I can just stay up past 8:00 it'll be awesome!


You’re likely to be in a very determined mood today, but the negative influence of the moon could make you appear a little distant and a little short with people. You’ll need to draw on all your reserves of warmth to keep things sweet; keeping a piece of blue agate might help enormously.
Well, crap, I'm all out of blue agate.

And that whole "distant and short with people" thing? Um... that's me pretty much every day.

And last, but not necessarily least,

A confidential connection offers advice in business. Your financial prospects definitely improve now! However, an ethical question nags. Do your best to get through unsettling demands on your time.
Glad to hear about that whole financial thing. You see, my clothes dryer just broke and I have my heart set on this great new washer/dryer set that's going to cost a couple grand. Ouch.

Ethical questions seldom nag. I think we all know, deep down, what's right and wrong. It's all a matter of what we do about it.

Anyone else want to share their horo-day?

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anno said...

Well, one of the horoscopes promised intensity, and the other promised an interesting evening with new acquaintances. I get to meet some of the editors I worked with earlier this winter for a celebratory dinner this evening, so who knows? I have hopes for "interesting."

My sympathies on your washer/dryer woes -- it's hard to live without either one. If you want to commiserate, let me know. Our front loader is about the only appliance that hasn't caused us any problems since we built.