Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Inspiration, or the Lack Thereof

“Method is much, technique is much, but inspiration is even more.” - Benjamin Cardozo

Lately, I have found inspiration in short supply. I've refused to let myself write anything new because I want to get my novel edited. But I'm not inspired by the novel. To be honest, right now I don't even like it very much, and as a result I do nothing.

What's the answer?

Do I have ideas for a new novel? Absolutely. Will my writing friends groan if I start another new one without finishing an old one? Absolutely. In fact, one or two of them might drive up here and give me one of those head slaps like Gibbs on NCIS.

I do have two short stories to write - both for contests. I suppose I could do that along with editing.

I'm trying to decide if I feel this way because I don't like to edit or if I feel this way because there's something wrong with the story in my novel. I do know that I don't like Lucia flirting with Jed. But I'm not sure how to take that out and still have many of the scenes that I need in there (like her coming to help Jed when he's hurt and when she drops off all the food).

But, I guess that's my problem. And if I'm going to get published, I need to get it done. At least, that's what I tell myself. I'm still not feeling very inspired. But I'll try to take it bird by bird.

I wonder what the stars have to say.

Yahoo Horoscopes (the quickie):

Resist the urge to go the easy route -- it's the challenges that teach you the most.
Oooohh... that one hurts.

There is very little Earth energy around today and this may leave you feeling a little rootless and even confused about your direction in life in general.
Anyone else feeling a little "woo-woo"? Horoscopes:

Your relationship with the material world is undergoing a slow and profound change as your approach to possessions becomes increasingly philosophical. But this may not be by choice as resources have become more limited, especially in your dealings with other people. Running into financial roadblocks may not be a lot of fun, but your new outlook will surely be healthier in the long run.
Oh, goody. So no only am I going to be blocked, I'm going to be broke, too! The fun never ends.

How are you?


Allie Boniface said...

That happens to me, too. Every time. I think of the 4 novels I've finished, I've gone through stages of boredom and not-really-liking-it with each one. I always just try to keep writing. Eventually I've found that I usually discover the problem and/or find a way to like it again.

Tori Lennox said...

My life is supposedly about to become "amazing". I'll believe it when I see it. *g*

anno said...

That kind of fatigue is hard to overcome. Sometimes, thinking about whatever brought me to the story originally has helped restore my interest. Sometimes I've just needed some time away... Good luck!

Judy said...

You might want to stop reading your horoscopes... they seem to be getting worse!! You'll make it through these edits. These are good books. Hang in there.