Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ideas Everywhere!

But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling, like dew, upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think. - Lord Byron

Ideas... I have lots of ideas suddenly. They're bombarding me from all sides. Some are just to gruesome to deal with any time soon.

For instance:

On Jenny Cruise's blog recently, she posted pictures of some Black Swallowtail butterfly larvae hanging out on her parsley. Clearly, she gets her ideas from just about anywhere, too.

In response to Jenny's story about the caterpillars, there were many comments. One of them, from Talpianna posted information about a book called Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation. In one of the reviews of this book, the reviewer says this: "Or consider the well known fate of the male praying mantis, whose head keeps his sexual urges in check until this organ is devoured by the amorous female: the the male's sexual inhibitory mechanisms (residing in the head) are removed, and he becomes a veritable sexual athlete while in the throes of death. Adds Dr. Judson: "Something analogous even happens in humans: Throttle a man and like as not he'll get an erection, not from erotic pleasure in dying, but because 'Down, boy' signals from the brain stop coming."

And it got me to thinking about the possibilities -- since I am embarking on my first mystery -- but the thoughts weren't very pretty, so it's being stored for another day when I'm in a much gorier mood. If you know what I mean...

Was that TMI? Incidentally, that book looks like a hoot. It's in my library system, and I'm going to check it out.

Okay, a nicer one. A song called "She Misses Him" by Rushlow. Sweet story about an elderly woman taking care of her husband with alzheimer's.

The chorus says:

She misses his gentle touch
And the way he used to make her laugh
She misses the man he was
In all of those old photographs
So strong, so kind, so sweet, so smart
The man who stole her very heart
She misses him

And it got me to thinking... and no, I'm not saying about what. You'll have to wait for the short story which should be done soon.

There's more, but I think I've babbled enough. Now I need to get writing and make use of the ideas that have rained down from heaven ... I have a short story to complete.

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