Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cool school!

What an amazing and very different school we visited yesterday. They actually own the entire little residential street they're on and the classes are held in different houses. Two of the houses are HUGE because of additions they students built (not the current students -- though, they're doing building as well, an addition for another private school in a different town). There are a few outbuildings they built, too, all post and beam and stained glass (beautiful pieces also created by the students, who apparently also make it for various other schools, churches and other buildings).

Everything is very casual, possibly due to the "home" feel of the place and the fact they have to walk outside from place to place (it's quite rural). There's a dress code, but it's not strict. Jeans are allowed and T-shirts, but nothing too short, too tight or too skimpy which works for me. The "feel" is sort of a cross between regular school and homeschool. Class size will be bigger there, but not a lot. Her current school's high school classes run 3 - 5 students. This place averages 10 - 12, a good size.

DD is excited about much of it. Nervous, too, but she's not really super happy where she is, has struggled to make friends (most of the kids there have gone to school together for years) and is pretty sold on the new school. I told her SHE needed to decide what was going to work best for her.

Dru had asked yesterday if she has to test, etc. to be enrolled or if they'll automatically take her. We have to fill out the application, get copies of her report card and references from teachers and mentors and she'll have to shadow a day there (thankfully they're in sessions when DD is off on spring break in a few weeks, so we'll do it then). Her current school required her to test to make sure she could do the work for the grade we wanted her enrolled in. I imagine this one will, too.


In other news, I swear winter has returned. We had 30 - 50 MPH all day yesterday, so bad it grabbed my storm door last evening and flung it open, hard. Didn't break the glass, or the door itself, but yanked the bottom whoosie-whatsit (the thing that controls how fast it closes) right out of the frame and bent it neatly in half, breaking the plastic cover and twisting the metal.

We had to chase down our lawn chairs and garbage can (why is it always windy on garbage day?) as well as my pooper scooper and some other things that stay outside. It's bitterly cold, impossible to walk in or even stay out in for more than a couple minutes. And it's just as cold and windy today. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I'm guessing this wind is blowing in that front. Hopefully then it will stop. But my dog is bouncing off the walls.

The joy of New Hampshire.



Dru said...

I'm so glad you both like the high school. Sounds like a good place to be.

Oh man, old man winter has returned.

Have a good Tuesday.

MJFredrick said...

Sounds neat, thought my mind boggles at the class sizes! At the beginning of the year, we had about 14 in Pre-K, but the powers that be decided they didn't want to pay that many teachers. Now there are 22 FOUR YEAR OLDS in each class. Gah.

Melissa McClone said...

Oh, it sounds neat! We finally decided on a high school for our oldest. There will be forty freshman, about 150 in the school total. Much better for her than the walking distance one which will have 600 freshman. For some kids that would be fine, but I think she'll do better in the smaller environment.

So glad you found this place and DD likes it. We were dealing with some of the "but FRIEND is going here and OTHER FRIEND is going there." I tried to explain that friend's situations can change, they can move, stuff happens. That we have to make a choice independent of others because what's good for them and their families might not be the best for her and us!

Maria Zannini said...

That is one tiny high school. But it sounds perfect for her (and you).

Brandy said...

That H.S. sounds fabulous! I hope DD is happy there!
Um, at least with the high winds and cold temps you don't have to worry about ticks? Maybe? *g*

Blessings for a good week!