Monday, March 26, 2012

School Choices

This morning we're checking out a new high school as a potential landing place for DD. Yes, her current school has a high school and, yes, we've been invited to return next year but I'm not sure it's a perfect fit for her. It's a very, very small school with few extracurricular opportunities. We found that out in spades this year as the canceled middle school basketball because enough people weren't participating -- and the high school is even smaller.

The school we're looking at is closer, very rural and rustic (it's held in a huge old house/barn) and has about 50 students in the high school. DD's current school has about 15.

They really celebrate what it is to live in NH -- with lots of outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, etc. plus their girl's basketball team won their division this year, so clearly there are enough students. They offer project-based learning (last year the kids built a post and beam house and held a miniture victorian faire, for instance).

We'll see how the meeting goes, but it feels right so far and DD is sort of excited, too. It helps that her BFF is probably going to be going back into homeschooling next year, so she isn't a factor as to where DD goes.

Other than that, our weather is back to normal for this time of year... COLD. Highs in the low 50s, lows in the 20s with light frost. *sigh* Those 80 degree temps spoiled me rotten.

Hope you had a good weekend! Trying to get to blogs ... visited a few this morning and will try to hit a few more this afternoon.



Dru said...

wow, she's going to be in high school next year? Wow.

The school you're describing sounds like a good school that will offer plenty of activities.

Does she have to take a test to get into the school or is she automatically enrolled?

Good luck with your high school search.

Have a great weekend.

Brandy said...

I wish we had a high school like that here, I think the kids would respond well. Best wishes for whatever you choose! As for weather? We're enjoying high 70's today, but the pollen count is obscene.
Hope your Monday goes well!

Tori Lennox said...

Oh that new school sounds AMAZING!!! I would have loved that!!!