Friday, March 23, 2012

Theme Song

When "Now and Forever" was rejected by Samhain, the editor mentioned that she found my hero a bit rude and rough around the edges (though she loved some secondary characters AND the storyline ... which is why I'm still gobsmacked she didn't invite a resubmit, but that's neither her nor there). She was right, to a certain extent. He's a man's man (I actually modeled him a bit after my DH). He doesn't "go to the bathroom" he "takes a leak" or "hits the head". He's rough and tumble, wears jeans, works on cars and doesn't mince words.

Today, I was listening to the radio, and his theme song came on. I had to share it with you.

Of course, that got me thinking about Mena, my heroine ... what would HER theme song be? She's such a romantic. She's sweet, (mostly) mild-mannered and a believer in forever.

This is the song that popped into my head:

I can't wait until I'm able to share these two with you. The cover is being worked on as we speak. I have two scenes to add to the story and then I'll send it to a friend for a look-see for typos and gross errors.

Then it'll be ready. I hope.



Maria Zannini said...

This is why I think you should've tried someone else.

I am really tired of the "politically correct" hero/heroine.

What is wrong with showing real people?

Brandy said...

I've read hero's like that in other books that were published. I think you're doing the right thing self-publishing!