Monday, March 05, 2012

Of Ice and Pigs

Had an interesting weekend. Long. Never could remember what day it was because DH was home on Thursday, so it felt like Friday and messed me up the rest of the time.

We got a lot of snow, and despite the fact it rained on Saturday, we still have quite a bit of snow. I don't expect it will last since it's supposed to warm up significantly this week. The annual competition to guess when "ice-out" will be declared on Lake Winnipesaukee is underway. I've always guessed April 24th (DD's birthday), and while I've never been exactly right, it's been close. This year though? I'd be more inclined to guess April Fool's Day. I won't complain if we have an early spring.

In other news, DD earned enough money to buy an Angry Birds plush pig. She LOVES the Angry Birds pigs (I bought her a plush pencil topper this past week, too, as a surprise -- he's "PJ" for Pig Junior, because the big pig is just "Pig"). She loves her pig and tells me regularly. He goes to school with us in the morning and then comes to pick her up in the afternoon. Here's Pig waiting patiently for DD to get out of school:

And a few days ago, my mom gave DD a couple of beanie hats she had. DD immediately bequeathed them to Pig:

Yesterday, at fairly regular intervals, she'd find me where I was working and we'd have THIS coversation:

DD: "You know what?"

Me: "What?"

DD: "I have a pig."

Me: "True."

DD: "He has a hat."

Me: "Yep."

DD: "Pig is cute."

Me: "He is."

DD: "I love pigs."

And she'd trot off with a smile.

How was your weekend?


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Brandy said...

Sounds like your DD loves her Pig. *g* I hope your day goes well.