Wednesday, March 07, 2012


How is it fair that my first week back to routine I get seriously sick? Everything hurts... I got the chills really bad around eleven last night, shivered under a pile of blankets for an hour before I finally nodded off, then woke up sweating buckets at one a.m. My muscles ache, my joints ache, my throat is killing me, I'm congested ... I dozed on and off until about 3:45 a.m. until it simply hurt too much to stay in bed.

Got up, took ibuprophen, took the dog out and here I am.

I'm supposed to be blogging at the All Day / All Night Writing Divas. It's not up yet, but hopefully I'll manage something coherent soon. Please come visit.



MJFredrick said...

WOMAN! GET SOME REST! It's the only thing that will help. Feel better soon!

Dru said...

{{Hugs}} Feel better and get plenty of rest. Your body is telling you something.

Angelina Rain said...

I hope you feel better soon, and please get some rest. Stop worrying about work and just relax. Work will still be there in a few days.

Sarita said...

I hate to hear you're so under the weather. I am sorry! Take everyone's advice, and rest. Take care of you. Eat chocolate. And gelato. And pizza, that works too. And...

Oh. Sorry.

Feel better. Soon.

Me? Going for dinner so my mind has room for other things.

Sending huuuuuge hugs!

Brandy said...

Sending Get Well Soon Hugs!