Thursday, March 01, 2012

Snow and the Sicks

DD had me scared a bit yesterday -- she's just never really sick (except the occasional cold), so when she suddenly complained of a heavy head, nausea, chills and more yesterday I was uneasy.

However, this morning she feels fine. I'm guessing it was something she ate. :::wipes brow:::

I did discover that I don't own a thermometer. I've not needed one the entire time I've had the kidlet, which is pretty amazing. But she never got sick, not really sick.

We finally got snow. It's been a crazy, crazy winter with little to no snow the entire time. While I don't mind not having to drive in it, the snow does serve many purposes, including insulation. We're worried about our grass and I lost several perennials last year because of no snow, so I'm thinking the same might be true again this year.

Worse, my bulbs are coming up and it's just TOO early. I even have some crocuses that were getting ready to bloom, and while the snow wouldn't kill the plant, it would kill the flower.

So ... now you see it:

Now you don't:

So far we've gotten about 6" but it's still snowing, which probably means DH will work from home.

And on that note -- I have to go. The first of the month is a bit of a nightmare for me over at LASR!

Have a great day.



Maria Zannini said...

It's so nice that kids can pop back so quickly.

Ref: weather
It's been crazy this season.

Melissa McClone said...

We have snow. I'm so excited.

Glad it was nothing serious with the DD!

Brandy said...

We never received snow this year. My neighbors daffodils are blooming right now and look gorgeous, but I have a feeling the slight winter we had will come back and bite us this summer.

Glad to know your DD is okay. It's always scary when kids get sick. You don't have a thermometer? Wow.

Hope you have a fabulous day!