Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Waiting Game

It's snowing here. Not a blizzard, but the roads are covered with the white stuff and it's still coming down.

Several hundred school closings and delays have been reported. DD's school is not amongst them. It may be eventually ... or it may not. What to do?

I woke up the kidlet at the usual time and tossed her into the shower just in case we have to go in. I keep refreshing the local news website to see if her school has been added. They said they'd wait until "the last minute" to decide, but for those of us who live where it takes 25 minutes on a GOOD day to get there, so will take an hour in the bad weather -- we can't wait until "the last minute".

I swear, I miss homeschooling all the time. I think going to school has been great for the kidlet, but for me, it's been a trial.

I really, REALLY don't want to drive halfway across town in this mess.

DH will probably stay home today as well.

Snow sucks. I want to live south of the Mason Dixon line please.


You Should Live in a Blue House

You are an intense thinker, but you also have a calm about you.

You spend a lot of time ruminating, trying to figure out this world you live in.

Friends think you're wise, and they come to you first for advice.

You are a realist, and you tell it like it is - even if how it is isn't pretty.

Mostly right.



Michele said...

You can't go unless you take me with you.

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

I vote yes on BOTH of you moving south of the M/D line.....

Angelina Rain said...

Why don't you just let her have a day off from school? When I was a kid, the schools I went to never closed on big snow days just because many of the students parents worked and couldn't leave their kids home alone. The schools stayed open, but they didn't actually teach as half of the teachers and half of the class wouldn't show up.

Melissa McClone said...

What ended up happening? Usually the private schools follow what the public schools do in the area. Something about liability or something. Hope you got to stay home.

Marianne Arkins said...

They delayed an hour. Our local public schools didn't even delay. I think because they lost four days of school during the big October storm, they'd prefer not to lose any more.

Brandy said...

Homeschooling does have it's benefits. But, I'm glad your Daughter is so happy in school.
Hope whatever you decided you were safe!

Dru said...

How was the commute later in the afternoon?

re quiz: I got the same as you, and it's 80% accurate.