Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow, Snow Go Away

It's snowing again. Not tons, just enough to make it yucky outside. DD is stressed and terrified I'm going to die in a car accident. They haven't delayed school yet, so it looks like we'll be going in. I was really hoping to avoid driving in bad weather since we've been having such a mild winter.

Why couldn't it have snowed over the weekend instead? My poor kidlet got the worrying gene from me, and will spend all day wondering if I died. Last time the weather was bad and I picked her up, she jumped into the car, hugged me and said, "I'm SO glad you didn't die!"

At least it's warmer. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were brutal with overnight temps in the negative numbers.

Funny how our perspective changes. "Yay! It's 20 degrees outside! It's TOASTY."

Have spent some time considering what to do with the "Kitchen Matches" sequel -- and I think I'm going to self-publish it. I just don't feel comfortable having a sequel go to another publishing company. There's a pretty serious learning curve for self-pubbing, but hopefully I'm up to the task.

Anyway -- time to check the website to see if school is delayed...

Have a great day all!


You Are a Yellow M&M

You are a mystery to those around you. You're happy-go-lucky but also quietly enigmatic.

You live in a very individualistic way. You're doing what you love, and that varies from day to day.

You are very self-aware and introspective. You know who you are, and you're good with that.

You have an ironic view of life. You can be both serious and funny at the same time.

Yep .... that's about right.


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Brandy said...

Is there someway you could let your DD know you arrived back home safely after taking her to school?
I like your idea to self-publish the sequel, will you be able to refer to the first book?

You Are a Blue M&M: You are an affable and likable person. You are a natural people-pleaser.
You change your mind constantly. Everything ends up sounding good to you.
You like to keep your options open, but your mind isn't muddled. You're a very clear thinker.
You love people, and you're an optimist about everyone you meet. Friendship is important to you.

About 80% correct, I don't change my mind easily.

I hope you have a fabulous day!