Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snow Accidents

It snowed yesterday morning -- not a lot, maybe half an inch, and by the time I was out and about the roads were pretty much only wet (some were even dry by the time I started home from dropping the kidlet off at school). So I was completely gobsmacked by the number of accidents. Seriously, the roads were NOT bad. I saw two accidents on the highway about a mile apart.

The highway roads were dry. DRY.

One was so bad, the woman had bent the guardrail back, peeled it like a can opener, about twenty feet and her car was mangled. She was fine, standing next to it talking to the cop, but how on EARTH had that happened? It wasn't even like there was much traffic.

The roads are much the same this morning. About half an inch of snow on them, and still a few flurries. Minimal, and I'm sure once I get out to drive, they'll be fine as this "storm" should have passed. But now I'm worried -- how are other people driving to end up in accidents?

The weather here has been abnormally warm all season. DH has been snowmobiling ONCE. It feels like late March weather and not January. I'm sad for him, but it's sure made winter much more bearable for me.

I'm starting to read about other folks starting their gardens, and I'm terribly envious, so the idea that I might be able to start a bit early just tickles me pink.


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Maria Zannini said...

The winter has been mild for most of the country, but I'm not going to let my guard down. I won't put out tender veggies until March.

Last year we had a freak snowstorm on the first day of spring. Granted, it was back to the 70s the next day, but that could've wiped out all my seedlings.

Brandy said...

The last time our winter was this mild it snowed in March. However, the weather has been freakishly mild. And people just can't drive. Period. I swear they get worse every year. I'm glad you made it home safe!


Dru said...

I don't like having a mild January because there's still February and March.