Monday, January 30, 2012

Appliances, Couponing and YAY For Monday!

Finally Monday... I had one of those weekends that DRAGGED. DH was bored, Bored, BORED -- not enough snow except WAY north (like a four hour drive) to go snowmobiling, and nothing to do here. It's like having a bored toddler, but with driving privileges and the right to actually make household decisions.

DD drifted a bit aimlessly, too, though we did spend the greater part of Saturday looking at appliances. DH wants to have an idea of what we want BEFORE things die, so we don't go rushing around stupidly in a hurry if we need something.

DH is very methodical, very specific and doesn't mind taking hours and hours to do this kind of thing. I think we spent three hours at Sears, and that wasn't our only stop. First, we decided what features we absolutely wanted, and which didn't matter (for instance, I'm not big on all the "bells and whistles" -- I'm more interested in the practical things like space and utility... I don't care that the ice maker in the door will give you ice four different ways).

Our current dishwasher is already pretty much history (I wash dishes by hand), the fridge, as you know, appears to be on its last leg. The only appliance we have in decent shape is the stove.

Anyway, after much looking (and shaking, and wiggling and poking) we narrowed down our choices. DH is now looking them up online to check for reviews and potential problems.

On Sunday I went couponing at Walgreens. Yes, I'm still doing this, I just don't talk about it as much.

I wanted to hit Walgreens immediately, because they had two items that were Complete free after register return: St. John's baby aspirin (I get this for a friend whose DH had a heart attack and has to take one a day) and "Blink" eye drop (I use eye drops a LOT). The free stuff tends to sell out, and I wanted to make sure I got it. They had some other great stuff too, and I had one of my best trips ever. Check it out.... I got:

1 Blink eye drops
1 St. John's Baby Aspirin
12 bars of Irish Spring Soap
2 large bottles of Soft Soap body wash (in Mango and Berry ... mmmm)
2 Soft 'n' Dri deodorants
6 cans of mandarin oranges
4 containers of Pringles
2 bottles of Head and Shoulders shampoo
1 Proglide razor

After my coupons and the register returns I got back ($22 in RRs!) I only spent $12 -- the original cost of the order was $66.

Yes, I do feel smug.

Today, I'm going through the CVS and Rite Aid flyers -- but I don't think they have as good of deals. Honestly, I tend to find the best deals at Walgreens.

And so are the days of my life.

How was your weekend?


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Sarita said...

It's great you're shopping for things before it becomes absolutely necessary. You'll make better choices, I think. I've bought things under pressure and it hasn't always gone well.

Hope you have a good Monday!

Maria Zannini said...

Agree with Sarita. It's also good to know the prices so when sales roll around you know which ones are legitimate and which ones were 'created' for an event.

PS Nothing wrong with haggling with appliance sellers either. I can usually get free delivery or another chunk of change off the price.

Melissa McClone said...

I knew when our dishwasher in our old house started acting up to star my research. I didn't need a lot of bells and whistles, but I did want a stainless steel interior!

I miss my coupon savings! I've been saving them just no time to use them the way I used to.

Tori Lennox said...

Coupon shopping around here is almost pointless. Nobody has really good sales.

Brandy said...

WTG on the coupon-ing. Hearing about your frugal shopping is pretty cool, btw.
I think y'all are being very smart in looking around before your appliances die. I wish we'd done more research before purchasing our washer and dryer years ago.

Hope your day went well!