Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thursday Thaw

The last two days up here have been BRUTALLY cold. And not only were the temps low, but there were high winds. It was horrible -- couldn't spend more than a minute or two outside.

The worst part was the poor dog. She was SO full of the wiggles. I finally broke down both days, bundled up and went out to throw her Jolly Ball -- her favorite toy EVER (I swear I need to take a video of her reaction when I pick the ball up so we can play... she leaps in the air and spins and it's pretty incredible) for five minutes or so. But even bundled up, I froze my can.

This morning, though, when I took her out to do her thing, it wasn't windy and it wasn't frigid. YAY!!!

In the "Wow! Cool!" news category ... check out some of these headlines I stumbled across on my daily foray into internet news (I like to find out if anything went nuts in the world while I slept):

Now You See It, Now You Don't: Time Cloak Created

Creatures of the 'Lost World': Found at Antarctic Vents

I'm still on the fence with what to do with "Now and Forever". Fact is, the reason it was rejected by Samhain feels very subjective -- it wasn't "the plot was awful and the ending sucked". In fact, she complimented the plot itself highly.

But do I want to publish a sequel with a different publisher? That is the question...

In the meantime, hopes ever high, I'm still working on the NEXT book with the NEXT brother. *G*

Happy Thursday all.


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Mostly right. And Blogthings has redone its site, so new quizes aren't featured -- I may not do quizzes daily anymore. *sigh*


Maria Zannini said...

I wish scientists would have explained how they cloaked time. The article was a little ambiguous.

Ref: story
If I had it to do over, I would've kept the sequel with the same publisher. They're going to promote it more than a 'second choice' publisher.

So you could do one of two things. Massage the story and resubmit, or tweak the story as a standalone and sub to someone else.

Angelina Rain said...

It's been cold here too, but not nearly as much as where you're at. Here in IL, we're having an unusually warm winter. It feels like early spiring or late fall still. Monday and Tuesday it finally dropped to the 20s which is still high for an IL winter but at least it's below freezing. Now it seems to be climbing again to the 40th. Most people don't mind the lack of winter this year, but I did notice a pattern. If the winter is warm, then the summer that follows is usually on the cold side. I would rather suffer through a cold winter and get a good summer.

REF: Story

I second Maria Z's advise. Whatever you decide on, you spent a lot of time writing this story so it should get a chance.

Brandy said...

I had heard it was miserably cold where you are on the news. Glad to hear today is much better. Um, I have an odd question. Is any other publisher going to be okay with publishing a book tied to the first book, but the first not available for them to publish as well? I'm just trying to understand.

Hope it warms up for you!
Blessings for a good day!

Sarita said...

I am so sorry your book was rejected. That stinks! I am looking forward to reading it, so please don't let it gather dust somewhere. There's always a home for a good story and I know yours is good.

It is eyeball-freezing cold here. UGH!