Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm tired. Yesterday was crazy busy ... and then I opted to go to agility for both classes. OY. Got home at almost 9 pm -- don't think we'll be doing that again any time soon.

Then Dakota was up sick all night. About every 90 mins she needed to go out. It's not her fault, but the last time (at about 3:30 a.m.) I very nearly cried.

She's feeling better now, probably because she's empty, and is sleeping. Wish I had that option.

She's going to the vet today to have her weird spots looked at. DD is sure they're cancer and that the dog is going to die. *sigh*

On another topic, DD has another field trip today and it's also the opening day of our local fair. I've often said that God has a warped sense of humor... because despite the fact we've had weeks of the most beautiful, sunny, warm GORGEOUS weather, today it's pouring rain. POURING.

DD's field trip? They built cardboard boats in science class and today they take them out to sail them and see if they planned right and they'll float (with two passengers on board).

And, I swear there is never good weather for the fair. It rained pretty much all four days LAST year, and it looks like at least three of the four days this year are going to be wet.

So ... see? Warped sense of humor.

In any case, I'm just hoping to get through the day in one piece and not drive off the road or walk into walls because I'm asleep on my feet. I'm also thankful I'm not the one floating a cardboard boat in the rain...

Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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Who knew?



Angelina Rain said...

Sorry about the rain. That sucks!

And I'm with you on the Yawn part. I have a family member in the hospital and that hospital is 40 miles away. I don't do expressways (I have merging anxiety) so going to the hospital and back takes me almost 4 hours.

Dru said...

I hope you can make up some sleep when the weekend rolls around.

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This is so true.

Brandy said...

The field trip sounds fun and most kids don't care about standing in the rain anyway. *g*
Sorry to hear about Dakota's bruising. I hope you can get the flea situation cleared up soon. Any idea how they became so bad?

Wishing you a restful and pleasing day!