Friday, September 23, 2011

Lexie Come Out of Her Shell

Lexie is really coming out of her shell ... I think yesterday was a turning point for her. This morning she was yowling at the basement door ('LET ME OUT!!!') and despite the fact the dog was RIGHT THERE when I opened it, she came almost all the way up. As as soon as I backed the dog up about a foot and made her sit, Lexie came out, yowling the entire time.

She's very vocal. This is actually neat, because Breeann was very vocal, too, and we're used to having conversations with our cat.

Dakota is just so good. She wanted to see the cat, but moved very slow and would follow her around about two feet back. The cat kept a very close eye, but didn't run back downstairs. I'm so thrilled.

My DH might not be, as Lexie is very much a cat. Breeann really wasn't -- she didn't get on the counters (or on the living room furniture, which is FORBIDDEN...:::dum dum dum dum:::), didn't open the cupboards, etc. Except for her attitude, she was far more doggish.

Lexie isn't. She's already getting up on the counters and the furniture. Guess we'll find out if you can train a cat.

DD had a great time on her field trip yesterday. She yammered on and on about it when I picked her up AND wants to go back sometime on our own. Here's where she went -- the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

She's having SO much fun with school, that when I asked her if she still wanted me to pull her out for the day next Thursday to go to the Deerfield Fair, she said NO. She'd rather go over the weekend!

Gotta love it.

Me, I'm still trying to get my life into a reasonable amount of order. Maybe by the end of the school year... *sigh*.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Dru said...

I'm so glad that Lexie is venturing out. Before you know it, Lexie and Dakota will be best friends.

I'm also glad that DD is enjoying school.

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About 80% accurate.

Have a great weekend!

Maria Zannini said...

We trained our cat, but he was a kitten when we got him. You might have more work cut out for you for an older cat.

Brandy said...

Water guns. Best invention ever to train a cat. That or nerf guns. And double sided tape to keep her off the counters. Cats hate getting their paws stuck to anything. Our cats get on the furniture, that's not an issue for us. Of course they do drive Daughter nuts when they bang her bathroom cabinet door to get it to bounce enough where they can slip a paw in and get in her cabinet. We put child safety locks on them. *g*

It's delightful to hear that DD loves school so much!

My quiz results were the same as Dru's and are pretty darn close to 100%.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!