Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Monday? .... uh, no... What day is it?

I swear, Monday holidays really mess with the rest of my week... I'm not going to remember what day it is until NEXT week, when things go back to normal.

DD spent her weekend agonizing over her "homework" -- she has one short paragraph to memorize in Spanish and a couple chapters of reading that she then had to summarize.

I don't know how to break it to her that it's going to get worse...

Still, she's loving school so far. She's so excited to go in the mornings that she almost can't eat. I hope that doesn't go away. I liked school (yeah, I'm a nerd, what can I say), so was hoping she would too.

Lexie is settling in well. I'd kept her in the basement for a few days because that's her "safe" house. The dog isn't allowed down there (cat litter box + cat food = dog treat heaven) so it's where she can go to get away from it all. However, it appears that she's TOO comfy there. She wants nothing to do with coming upstairs at all.

This frustrates DD who wants the cat to go up to her room and hang out with her. I told her she will eventually, but that she's just not comfortable yet -- she's had a lot of changes (she'd been dropped off at the shelter overnight ... the found her waiting outside when they opened -- she's such a love bug, she had to have belonged to someone who cared, so that breaks my heart), then being stuck in a cage for a couple months, then coming to our house -- new smells, new people, new home.

She's not a shy cat, not really, though she can be a little jumpy (who wouldn't be in her situation?), but she trusts us, comes when we call her. She'll figure it out.

For now, every day after I drop DD off at school, I'll leave the door to her room in the basement open. She can come up if she chooses. Maybe since it'll be quieter with everyone gone, she will. The dog is interested in her, but not overly so -- she stayed lying down yesterday when we brought Lexie upstairs (where she yowled for about five minutes like she was being tortured and then ran downstairs) and is remarkably mellow, just watching her.

I did some blog-hopping yesterday, but it's a struggle. Truthfully, everything I do on the computer right now is -- my wireless router died last week and I ordered a new one (which should be here soon, thankfully). In the meantime, I either have to hardwire into the modem and sit in the living room (which is VERY uncomfortable and gives me a crazy headache) or tether to my phone (which keeps my body happier but runs REALLY SLOWLY). Visiting blogs this past week has been tough and time consuming, so it hasn't gotten done much. I've kept up with most of you who are on Facebook (everything all in one place -- much easier!), but otherwise, I feel so disconnected.

I'm grateful for my phone's ability to tether, but wish it ran just a tad bit faster.

Hope all of you had a great weekend.


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Dru said...

I'm glad DD is enjoying school.

Before you know it, Lexie and Dakota will be best friends.

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Have a great Monday.

This is so true

Sarita said...

I'm so glad life in your house is good. Lexie seems perfect, and I love it that DD is enjoying school. Yay!

I'm with you about the days of the week. I'll be clueless until next weekend.

Angelina Rain said...

I’m glad DD is enjoying school. I used to hate school as I had severe social anxiety so going to school was torture for me. I would completely freeze up.

Glad to see Lexie is adjusting well. Sounds like she’s a good fit for your family. Before you know it she will be running the house and exploring her surroundings.

Brandy said...

Ah, Lexie will relax soon. It will take a couple of weeks, though. Cats are easily upset by routine changes and environmental changes.
DD sounds as though she is really enjoying school.
Hope your new router arrives soon!

Have a wonderful day!

Maria Zannini said...

In a few weeks, Lexie will be all over the place. I hope she makes friends with Dakota soon.