Friday, September 02, 2011

A Day Without a Cat

All our knowledge merely helps us to die a more painful death than animals that know nothing. ~Maurice Maeterlinck

Thanks to everyone for your condolences on losing Breeann. Truly, it was time -- she was so weak, she couldn't stand, she'd been vomiting regularly since Sunday, and hadn't had any food since Sunday morning. She'd been sleeping on her bed in the basement for more than two days without coming upstairs. I'm certain that we made the right decision, but we still miss her.

Odd things about not having Breeann that I didn't think I'd miss ... but I do:

In the mornings, she always followed me into the bathroom -- no one else is up, and I can leave the door open. She'd come in, meow, rub, wander out. Just because she could.

Having her block the back door when I take the dog out. My routine was always to get up, go down to the basement and let Breeann out then take Dakota outside. She'd stand at the door for us to come back and would NOT move when Dakota wanted in. The dog wouldn't challenge her ... would just stand and wait until I poked the cat with my foot to get her to move. I'm pretty sure it was all a way for Breeann to remind the dog just who was boss.

Her talking. She was a very vocal cat and she'd just walk around the house chatting to herself.

We're looking for a new kitty at the animal shelter. Some may think it's too soon, but I learned with Bailey's passing, and the subsequent arrival of Dakota soon after, that having a new animal helps with the mourning process. It's comforting and helps to fill the void. While no other animal actually "replaces" the previous one, when you're used to having pets in your home, nothing makes you feel right again until you have one once more.

We want an older, female, declawed cat. My DH (as I mentioned yesterday) doesn't like cats, but tolerates them on my account (I've had cats since I was born). Still, I need to make sure whatever cat we get doesn't wreak havoc -- he won't tolerate one that tears up the furniture (hence getting one that is declawed), or tears around the house knocking things over (hence getting an older one). I've had bad experiences with male cats spraying even after they are fixed, so I prefer female cats. We don't want one that looks like Breeann. The two closest shelters to us have four cats that meet all the requirements but the last -- three of the four are tabbies like Breeann was, and one even has her same face (I swear, I thought I was looking at a picture of her), so that leaves us with one. She's a long-haired calico, and we'll go see if she's still available and if her temperament will work with our family dynamic.

This is her picture:

We're having Breann's ashes returned to us (the cost for this is crazy ... but I couldn't just have her tossed in the garbage bin and I didn't want to bury her out back) and will plant a memorial bush or other perennial in her honor (like we did for Bailey, who has a "Bailey's Dogwood" outside). I'd like something that has "cat" in its name, so will need to do some research. Anyone have any suggestions?

In the meantime, this weekend will consist of buying MORE things for DD for school (does it ever end?), cutting down a pile of perennials that have gone past, and working on the LASR/WC website. Unfortunately, my wireless router opted to stop working, and I needed to order a new one that won't be here until next week. So, I either have to hardwire into the modem and sit on our sofa, or tether to my phone (which is what I'm doing now). Sitting at the sofa hurts my body after a bit, and the phone runs everything slowly, but I'm managing and trying to be grateful I have that option.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


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Sarita said...

It sounds like you're all holding up well and I am so glad to hear it. My heart aches for you. Losing a loved one is just so difficult. So many things to miss...and I truly believe that in all things, it's the "small things" that add up.

I hope you find a new kitty to welcome into your home. Your photo of your "possible" is so sweet. She has a kind face.

Hope your weekend is a good one. Sounds like you've got heaps to keep you busy! That's the case here, too.

Sending big hugs your way.

Maria Zannini said...

It's funny how much they're a part of of our lives without even noticing, until they're gone.

I'm glad you'll get a new kitty soon. Breeann left a big hole.

Dru said...

I hope you find a new kitty. {{Hugs}}

Brandy said...

I know what it's like to lose a cat and while they are there not notice the habits they have or their quiet presence.
I hope the kitty in the picture can be a welcome addition to your home. Best wishes!