Friday, September 16, 2011

Mother Nature Flipped a Switch

It's COLD here!

Wednesday was almost uncomfortably warm and then POOF! Last night a cold front blew in and it's shivery cold. I had to close my windows last night for the first time in months.


I actually really enjoy fall. The temps are pleasant, my outdoor chores are mostly done -- no more gardening at least, though there is wood to split and stack (especially since DH took down more trees out back). September and October in particular are lovely months and I think I would enjoy them more if I didn't know that winter came next.

This year, though, I'm determined to enjoy fall. Long walks with the dog without sweating up a storm! No more feeling guilty because I'm not outside weeding! I'll have my "outdoor refrigerator" again -- especially handy for making dog food and thawing turkeys.

And I'll be able to wave at my down the street neighbor again and she can see me do it, because the leaves will be down by end of October.

Still, I could really get into having three seasons (like we did in California): Spring, Summer, Winter .... lather, rinse, repeat!

In cat news, Lexie is still "basement cat". She'll come upstairs sometimes at night but she never sticks around long. I leave the door open all day long and she never peeks her head out. The slightest (and I mean slightest) noise will freak her out if she's upstairs and she flies back down to her "house".

I've also found that she's a plastic eater (cardboard, too, but that worries me less since it's pretty well digestible). I had another cat who ate plastic and it's a real pain. I can't leave the garbage down in the basement -- she chews on the bag. I have potatoes in the basement as well .... and she chews on the bag. Hopefully it's just a nervous habit and she'll out grow it, though my other cat never did.

Otherwise she's a sweet, affectionate kitty who really loves living in the mushroom patch.


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Angelina Rain said...

Glad to see Lexie is doing well.

I hear you on the cold weather. It's the same thing here too. It was in the high 80's low 90's earlier this week. Now we're in the upper 40's. It dropped by like 40 degrees in a few days. I hate that. It messes with my allergies and I always feel sick until like mid October.

Maria Zannini said...

We're a few degrees cooler but we'll be back in the 90s next week.

Still no rain though. :(

Brandy said...

It's low 60's here, rather strange for September. But, I'm enjoying not sweating the minute I walk outside and I'm hoping the cooler temps make the mosquitos sleepy. *g*
We have a plastic eater as well. He even tries to chew our shower curtains. (Gee, wonder why his nickname is "Goat"?)
Hope you have a wonderful day!

(Quiz results same as yours.)

Diane Craver said...

I know - I like fall but I dread winter. We have always talked about going to Florida for a month during Jan. but never have because of Sara and Amanda's schedules. And we definitely don't want to this Jan. with a grandbaby on the way plus just made two long road trips to Florida with moving Emily and moving her back. :)

Have a super weekend, Marianne!