Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Weekend and a sick day?

DD fought with a cold all weekend (it's just allergies, Mom!) and I'm waiting to see how she's feeling this morning. Typically she'll have one really bad day -- all stuffed up and feeling miserable. I'm hoping that was yesterday. I gave her night time cold meds last night at 7:30 so she could sleep (yes, she wanted to go to bed that early), heard her snuffling around 1 a.m. and gave her one more dose. Hopefully a good night's sleep helped kick the bug.

I don't want her to miss school (not to mention I have NO idea how to handle a sick day for her) but I don't want to send her sick (because THAT is why she's sick ... someone else sent their sick kidlet to school... last week she told me about the girl she was partnered with being sick and DD hoped she wouldn't catch it). Yet another thing that was easier when I was homeschooling...

Maria Zannini asked me "what about the time you used to spend teaching DD?" ... the fact is, there wasn't much. She was on a DVD curriculum where there was an actual classroom and teachers TAUGHT. She'd sit down, watch the class, do the work, etc. My job was to correct papers, make sure she stayed on schedule and answer questions or help when she was confused (much of which, except the correcting papers part, I'm still doing).

Here's the thing -- I KNOW this is a wonderful place for DD to be. She's thriving (aside from the germs!) and completely enjoying school. She's happy and challenged and I wouldn't change that. But homeschooling, as it turns out, was much easier on me. Who'da thunk it?

I spent this weekend being Suzy Homemaker. Our grocery store is selling local apples (from the farm where we would have picked anyway) for only $0.69/lb -- they're smaller ones, but otherwise perfect (and I was making sauce, so didn't care about the size). I bought about 15 - 20 of apples and spent much of Saturday cutting and coring apples. I ended up with eight quarts (seemed like an awful lot of work for only eight quarts ... but there you go) of unsweetened applesauce.

Sunday I baked bread. Lots of bread. It was a challenge since my house was opened up to air out the smell of polyurethane (from the hardwood stairs DH put in all weekend ... another story) and it was VERY cool inside. I had the oven on "warm" and used that to raise the bread, but I think it didn't raise as much as it should have as most of my loaves were a bit doughy and heavy. Will try again when I have more flour (I ran out .... went through about 20 cups) and it's warmer in the house.

DH spent the weekend tearing out the carpet from our stairs, pulling off the treads and then putting down hardwood treads. Thankfully, we have a second way upstairs (through the garage ... so while it's good we could get upstairs, it was a massive ordeal). Yesterday was spent covering them in the poly ... and we still can't use them this morning. We're supposed to wait 72 hours ... but I don't know if I can hold out that long -- never mind how confused the dog is about it all. Yesterday I had to lug two baskets of clothes from the basement where the laundry room is, out the door to the garage, hold them OVER MY HEAD to get behind the car and the truck and past the mower through the door (which barely opens wide enough because the generator and snow blower are in the way) and up those stairs to the bedrooms.

I am glad for the stairs -- our carpet was old and worn (clear through in one spot), but next time DH has to do something like that, I'm getting a motel room for a week.

It also meant that I got none of the deep-cleaning done that I'd planned for upstairs and will need to squeeze it in this week instead.

Next weekend, I'm going to try mega-cooking again to save me having to cook from scratch during the week, and see if that helps me with time.

How was your weekend?


You Are a Green Apple

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Um.. yeah, that's pretty much right on!



Angelina Rain said...

I hope DD feels better. That's the part that sucks about schools, one sick kid can get a whole classroom sick.

Brandy said...

Schools are weird about sick days. I hope DD feels better soon! Um, it's going to keep happening, though. Kids in school go through wave after wave of different viruses.

Yikes on the stair treads. We're slowly replacing ours, too. It makes a lot of racket to take up one, I can't imagine the noise at your house this weekend!

You Are a Golden Apple:You are humane and compassionate. You are merciful and kind whenever you can be.
You don't get too caught up in how you think things should be. You know there's not much you can control.
You are principled and conscientious. You try to behave as virtuously as possible.
You are easy on everyone you meet, including yourself. You can't stand harshness of any sort.

Well, it seems correct except for that last part. I am my own worst critic. Aren't we all?

I hope you have a lovely day!

Maria Zannini said...

I didn't realize they taught school on tv. Cool.

Hope DD feels better soon. It makes you wish you could send them to school with filter masks.

Tori Lennox said...

I hope DD is feeling better. And yeah, schools are a hotbed of germs.