Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednedsday Writing and Weather

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Yesterday, I took time to write -- and tried not to feel guilty about it. I went back to my NaNoWriMo roots and brainstormed the silliest scenes I could think of and then figured out where they might work in "Now and Forever". I got most of one written AND I think I figured out how to make my ending more "Awwwwwwwwwww....", which is what I strive for in all my endings.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo... they're having a NaNo THIS SUMMER! I'm so excited... though I may not be able to participate (because I have to learn three new computer languages AND rebuild the LASR/WC website -- theoretically) I'm thrilled they're doing this because someday I hope to actually have "me" time again and be able to participate twice a year. I love NaNo. There is something incredibly freeing about NaNo. It helps bring back the joy of writing for me, and I miss that.

In other news: it's raining. Again (or is that "still"?). It's awful. I hate it. The overcast, the lack of sun, the inability to get outside and walk or garden or play with the dog. UGH.

Thankfully, this should be done by Saturday. Then I get a whole 'nother pile of fun because DH is taking all of next week of. For no reason. Just because. And you know what THAT means... he'll be finding chores for us to do. DD is already behind a few days in school, I have neverending work to do (learning new computer languages for one) and I KNOW he's going to be taking down trees or tiling the kitchen or something. *sigh*

If he would just stay home and be calm, relax, recreate ... I could handle it.


You Are Grounded

You don't put bounds or limitations on your thoughts. You are a down to earth daydreamer.

You are compelled to help everyone around you. You are naturally selfless.

You like to be around others even if you don't share easily. You enjoy camaraderie.

You don't try to understand the world around you... it just comes naturally.

I agree that I'm pretty grounded, but the rest is only about 25% right.



MaryC said...

Good luck with the DH's vacation. I know exactly what you mean.

We've got the same rainy weather. It's great for curling up with a book and reading except this is one week I have no time to do that.

Wishing you some surprise sunshine.

Sarita said...

I am out of my mind with this rain. It never ends and really, my nerves are frayed.

Do you know what the summer NaNo dates are? I peeked in but didn't see it.

Hope your day goes well.

Brandy said...

Whew! Your hubs is off next week? I'm sending hugs early!
When my hubs is off he gets nothing done trying to keep up with us. *g* And for some reason (I have no idea why.) we're finishing schoolwork ahead of schedule at this point. I'm going to have to drag testing out.
Glad you found an awwwwww moment for your story!

Have a wonderful day!