Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This and That

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" ~William A. Ward

I opened up the door to take the dog out this morning and walked into a wall of heat and humidity. It was warmer outside than in my house! It's supposed to be in the 80s today ... but don't think that means sun. It means steam! We're still expecting rain today. It *does* look like tomorrow might be nicer -- clouds in the morning, but sunny and warm in the afternoon. DH talked to his folks about fishing, so he just might get his day out (I'm doing everything: crossing fingers, praying, dancing to the sun gods...)

Also, I checked and last year we found our first swallowtail caterpillars on June 29th ... that date is looming, so if we get a little sun over the next day or two (so butterflies can actually ... yanno... FLY) we're going to start checking for eggs and babies. The milkweed is coming up, too. So I expect Pillar Place 2011 to start soon.

RE: the dog who fell off the dog walk on Sunday. I heard from the owner yesterday and she said she was shocked, but that Missy was absolutely fine. Thank goodness. I told DD and she was relieved. I think she'll always feel like it was her fault, but that's something she'll have to figure out on her own, I guess.

Last night, I got this really strong image for a scene in "Now and Forever". That happens to my quite often really. I tend to "see" parts of the book in my head, like a movie. This one will be my ending scene, and I think it has both an "awwwwww" factor, which I strive for, but should also make the reader laugh.

Today, God willing and DH don't fuss (*G*), I'm going to get it written down.

Then ... I think it's ready to submit. Finally!! My goal is to have my query and synopsis done by next week. I hate writing synopses...

I was reminded how much worse my life could be due to weather problems yesterday, when an author friend who lives in Minneapolis shared her tornado story (she's fine). I have a brother who lives on the Missouri border and who has family only a few miles from Joplin, the town that was completely destroyed by the tornado that hit (they're fine). And then I think about the farmers in Mississippi who've deliberately had their lands flooded in a very Spock-like "the good of the many over the good of the few" decision (though I do wonder how this will impact food prices over the next year). I have to say, I'm SO proud of those farmers. They took the decision to flood their lands stoically, and then took steps to protect what they could. Seeing pictures like this makes me proud:

I can't imagine how awful it was for them to see their land and their livelihood underwater. But good for them for doing what they could to protect what was theirs.

So, although I really hate all the rain ... I remember it could be far, far worse than it is.


You Are Trustworthy

Of all the types, you are the most responsible and loyal. You take your duties seriously.

You thrive when you are able to do something practical and productive. You hate to waste your time.

Some people say that you are a bit neurotic or cautious, but you believe it's better to be safe than sorry.

You do your best to live a engaging and important life. You want what you do to matter.

That's about right...



Maria Zannini said...

Yay! So glad you're nearly ready to toss it into the submission stream.

Brandy said...

Hoping you like the scene and will submit! Ooh, can't wait for Pillar Place! *g*
I'm glad the owner was able to reassure DD that the dog is okay.

I hope you have a pleasing day!

Dru said...

I love it that your story is nearly ready for submission.