Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I've said it before, I come from and am surrounded by veterans and those who served.

My dad was seventeen when he enlisted in the army and served in WWII. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and exerienced things no teenager should.

My brother enlisted during the Cold War. Though he never served in combat, he spent some time in missile cylos, finger over "the button" waiting for the nuclear war that thankfully never came.

My husband and brother-in-law served during the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm, as well as in Somalia (during the Blackhawk Down incident) and other periods of unrest. Both suffered from "Gulf War Syndrome" (my husband had blackouts for several years after he came home). Both saw and did things they'd rather forget. Both would do it again.

So while you're barbequing, swimming or playing volleyball today, just take a moment to remember those who served, and those who are still serving.

On a lighter note, DD and I both donated to a Memorial Day contest. Kiki Howell is celebrating a release by giving away three packages of prizes (1 eBook pack, 2 print / prize packs). You could win my "Don't Fence Me In" or a pair of earrings specially made for this contest. Click here to see how to enter.

Happy Memorial Day all!


You Are John F. Kennedy Jr.

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About 75% right.


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Brandy said...

I have the utmost respect and pride for the Military. I wish more people did.
I hope you and yours had a lovely Memorial Day.

Oh, quiz! You Are Robert Kennedy
You hold yourself to high standards. You demand near perfection of yourself.
You may seem quiet and withdrawn, but you're paying attention to every single thing around you.
You are detail oriented, and you take things one step at a time. You are very accurate.
You focus on fantasy more than reality. You have your head in the clouds.

Everything except the last. *g*