Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. - John Denver

Holy smokes!! The sky is clear and blue outside.

:::faints dead away:::

Seriously, folks I don't know what I'm going to do with myself today -- it's supposed to be sunny and nice. Probably I'll go out and weed, and see if my garden survived the flood. My cucumbers, eggplant and squash weren't looking so great last time I checked on Saturday...

Didn't get my writing done yesterday -- but I have high hopes for today. DH has stuff to do, so shouldn't be underfoot.

Speaking of which, he's awake, so I'm going to sign off early. Today, I'll check for pillars and take some pix of my green, growing things.

Wishing you all a great day!


You Should Celebrate with Champagne

You have high standards, and you are nice to everyone. Manners are important to you, even if that's old fashioned.

You tend to follow norms. You figure why rock the boat unless there's a good reason to?

You think of yourself as regular gal or guy next door. You do your best to make life a little special sometimes.

You don't have a jealous bone in your body, and you're truly for happy for others when they succeed.

About 3/4 right and champagne is the only alcohol that gives me a hangover, so I abstain. *G*


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Brandy said...

Go! Go out and enjoy that sunshine!
I'm champagne as well. I hope you have a fabulous day!