Sunday, November 28, 2010

Second Verse Same As the First

"It's a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired." — Robert Strauss

Yesterday was a LONG day, and it ain't over yet. Seems my woes with the vacuum sealer weren't just about sliding the bag in (which, interestingly enough, we were able to do yesterday -- go figure). I'm guessing it simply isn't up to mass quantities of sealing in one round, because it did about thirty pounds of meat and stopped working. After a 10 - 15 minute rest, it was good for another 20 pounds or so, then stopped working.

At that point, I gave up. It was late and I was sick of dealing with it. So, I packed up the other 40 lbs or so into Tupperware and put it in the freezing cold garage overnight. I'll try again today.

DH apologized (tongue-in-cheek) for getting such a big deer.

So, I'll be busy all morning and then one of our nephews is getting confirmed (along with 55 other people) this afternoon. I'm not sure what that entails, but we're going ... and I have no idea how long we'll be there.

Thank heavens tomorrow is Monday!!! ::::happy dancing::::

How was your weekend?


So ... I posted this on my facebook page yesterday and got some fun results -- but thought I'd share here, too, in case you either aren't my friend on FB or didn't see it:

So ... I have this character whose mother died and left her the house. And in the garage are TONS of boxes. I didn't realize they were there until the character tripped over them! What could be in them?

I have a little more room here, so I'll also say that my character doesn't know who her father is (mom said she didn't know ... but we've already established that mom didn't sleep around, so she would know) and that she's just gone through a divorce.

Thoughts? There are lots of boxes, so they could all have different stuff in them.


You Are an Aqua Bug

You are a bastion of harmony and tranquility. You have come as close as possible to achieving inner peace.

You have a lot of perspective on the world. You are able to see things clearly... much more than most people.

You can see all sides to an issue or person. You try to find the middle ground or middle road.

You are confident and sure of yourself. You are clear headed, and that allows you to do that needs to be done.

HAHAHAHAHAHA... no. Okay, maybe 25% percent, but I'm still laughing over the "bastion of harmony and tranquility" part...



Dru said...

Wow, that's a lot of deer meat. Did you make chops or ground them before sealing?

My weekend was quiet and after the dental visit, painful. Still feeling the pain.

re quiz: I'm an aqua bug as well and it's 75% right.

in answer to what's in the boxes, yesterday I said quilts, but now I'm guessing papers about her father; antiques from her grandparents; baby stuff.

Have a good Sunday.

Maria Zannini said...

I don't think household machines are made to handle that much food. (Bad husband! Bringing home such a big deer. LOL!)

Ref: boxes
I missed that on FB yesterday.

Let's see. My boxes have old stuffed animals Greg either won or bought for me. Old love letters. Childhood toys. Cookware. Christmas ornaments. Pressed flowers.

Your character can have remnants of hobbies, like cloth, or paintbrushes. Or clothes from her era.

Diane Craver said...

Sorry about your lousy weekend. Mine's been fine. Daughter Emily took me out for lunch yesterday since she missed my b-day so that was nice.

I don't get on FB often so missed it there about the boxes. I'd say one box could have an old camera with undeveloped film or old pictures of some handsome guy or love letters hidden in a smaller box inside a big box. Maybe old scrapbooks from her mother's high school years or yearbooks. That's all I have. LOL

Tori Lennox said...

That's a BIG deer!

Things we have or have found in boxes.... every kind of paperwork under the sun, toys, school yearbooks, just all kinds of stuff!

Brandy said...

It sounds like the sealer was overheating and needed to cool off before re-using.
Hmm, boxes. I say pictures, papers and..... ha! Costumes! *g* Maybe someone in her family had a vaudeville act? *G*

I hope you had a great Sunday!

Brandy said...

Oh, and I was an Aqua Bug. Pretty close.