Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Mumbles

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one. ~Erma Bombeck

It's Monday and we'll be mostly back to normal today... of course it's Thanksgiving week, so DH will have a half day on Weds and then is off Th/F/S/S but after this week, I do believe routine will return (except for Christmas/New Year's week).

I miss routine.

Of course, we have dentist appointments today, so that's going to mess with us a bit, and I want to get DD's hair cut (she's donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths -- they're like "Locks of Love" but they take shorter hair, 8" instead of 10"), too ... maybe there is no such thing as routine?

So, I went to a different grocery store yesterday -- the same chain I usually go to, but a different place -- and discovered that their prices are lower. It's only about eight miles away from the other store, and their prices are lower. Why is that? It made me a little cranky, because it's just not that convenient for me to go there, despite the fact it's not *that* far away, but I'm going to feel obligated because their prices are lower.

It's amazing how much prices differ from store to store.

For instance, a half-gallon of soy milk (something I buy regularly) is VASTLY different.

At the natural foods market: $4.99
At Shaws: $4.29
At Hannaford: $3.29

Or, this great new local organic baby spinach that's suddenly entered the markets here:

At the natural foods market: $7.99
At BJs: $5.99
At Hannaford: $5.99
At Shaw's: $6.99

Guess where I do most of my shopping?

It frustrates me because I really prefer to support the independent "little guy" stores and wish I could do the majority of my shopping at the natural food store, but when the prices are that different I just can't justify it.

Do you find the prices varying greatly between the stores you shop at? Do you make trips to different stores when you do your shopping in order to get better deals?


Hey all, just a heads-up because I know Melissa McClone is very quiet about promoting herself. She's hanging out with us this week at The Long and the Short of It in our author spotlight. You should swing by, read her daily posts and keep her company.

My particular favorite of her posts (yes, I peeked) is the one for Friday. Cracked me up! *G*

Hope to see you there.


You Are Cinderella

You believe it's important to do the right thing, even if you aren't rewarded for it.

Not everyone treats you with respect, but good people see your goodness.

You've had a lot of bad luck, but these days it feels like you luck is about to change.

Even though times are tough, hang in there. You'll eventually get the life you justly deserve.

Interestingly enough, I DID clean the fireplace this morning... ;-)



Ceri Hebert said...

I'm a diehard Market Basket fan. Its not as fancy as the other stores (well, the new Keene store is, but that's out of my way) but the prices are so much better than any of the other stores, I find. Unfortunately the closest store-just up the road from us-is Shaws. Yah. Ca-ching! I hate when I only need a few things and the twenty minute ride to the nearest MB is too far because I know I'm spending so much more money there.

No routine here this week. Kids are off school. Jim works until Wednesday and then is off for the rest of the week and poor me only gets one day off. I'm not a fan of holidays anymore.

Have a great week!

Maria Zannini said...

The closest grocery store is Walmart. If it doesn't have what I need then there's a Kroger 30 miles away that's excellent.

I agree, I want to support the indie, but the economy being what it is, I can't be too free with my money.

LASR: I'll stop by in a bit.

MJFredrick said...

We have only HEB (local chain), Walmart and Whole Foods. Oh, and Sun Harvest, which doesn't carry Diet Coke, so you know I don't go there :) I'm too much a creature of habit, though, and go to my HEB no mater what. But I know the prices.

Melissa McClone said...

Shopping what's that? I finally made it to the grocery this week. That was the first time in like 3 weeks. I may have popped in for an item or two before, but that was the first time I really shopped. So nice to have food again in the house!

BTW, I did a little promo which is so not in my comfort zone. FB, twitter and blog. Hope it sends some traffic that way!

So glad you liked Fridays ;)

Dru said...

There is one grocery store down the block from me and the next best store is 30 minutes away and without a car, it's not feasible to buy their lower prices.

Marianne Arkins said...

Ceri, I'm ridiculously excited that they're finally getting a Market Basket up here... the next closest was either Derry or Concord -- neither one convenient.

Maria, we have a super WalMart, but I just really hate to support them. It's the whole "vote with your money" thing. Still, I do cave in now and then, lol.

Mary, Shaws is so convenient for me, but aside from the natural foods place, is the most expensive AND has the worst produce. So... it's just frustrating.

Melissa, sounds like you need a grocery store that delivers! LOL... and I absolutely loved your post from Friday. I had to pull out my copies of the books when I read it.

Dru, I can't imagine not having a car, but that's mostly because there is little or no public transportation here! My sister in San Francisco doesn't have a car either. One of the bennies of living in a big city.

Brandy said...

I shop at four different grocery stores just to get good prices in different items. I shop at Aldi, WW, Sam's Club and Bi-Lo (a local chain). We live within 20 miles of each.

I'm Cinderella, too. What a coincidence, I just scrubbed the bathrooms today. And our bad luck continues, oh well.

I hope you've had a pleasing day! (Off to see Melissa's post.)