Saturday, November 14, 2009

This and That

Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power, which if it were available in waking, would make every man a Dante or Shakespeare. ~H.F. Hedge

I'm in a rambling mood, so beware :-)

DH asked me to wake him up this morning to go out hunting if it wasn't windy (the leftovers from Ida are hitting us today). At 2 a.m., the dog had to potty (*sigh* She hasn't had to do that in a long time), so I took her out (and noticed it was already windy) and then curled up on the couch because I'm a light sleeper and DH ... well... he can really saw the ZZZ's so getting back to sleep would have been tough.

Anyway, at 4 a.m., my alarm went off (startling the cat who was drooling on my pillow -- guess SHE isn't a light sleeper) and I looked out the window and saw the trees swaying, so rolled over and went back to sleep.

Only -- here's the thing. There is no window I can see out of from the couch, and it's too dark at 4 a.m. to see anything anyway. At 4:45, I stretched and thought, "Boy I'm glad it was windy so I could doze off again and I wonder if it still is." then rolled over to look and realized I couldn't see out -- and had DREAMED the whole other thing! LOL... I jumped up and stuck my head outside and almost had it blown off, so it was still windy, but wow. Vivid dream.


Maria Zannini got the book thong DD made especially for her. DD tried to match it to the banner ad Maria has at the top of her blog for her book, "Touch the Fire".

It sounds like it was well loved, and my DD was thrilled she appreciated it. BTW, if you want a custom made book thong or earrings or bracelets, email DD and put in your order (she's at distinctivelydd AT gmail DOT com). We've had several custom order requests already, and she enjoys the challenge of making them.

Speaking of Distinctively DD, she has her first bracelet/earring set up. Once we get bracelets down pat, we'll be moving on to necklaces. And then maybe some fancier earrings.

Allie posted this on her blog yesterday and I think it's something that should be shared:

I recently posted about losing Georgia, the pit bull mix in our agility class. She was an amazing dog. Some of the best, gentlest dogs I've know were Rotties. The most amazing dog I ever knew was a German Shepherd named Jenny that one of my SIL's owned. People have ideas about dog breeds because of the media -- I've only been bitten once in my life, and it was by a chihuahua (and it was a bad bite). Instead of punishing a particular breed, we need to start punishing the people who make the dogs the way they are.

As an aside, a breed that is the most well loved family pet is also a breed with one of the highest rates of reported dog bites (albeit not fatal bites): The Golden Retriever. So don't judge a book (or in this case, a dog) by it's cover. Breed specific legislation is wrong.


I'm slowly beginning to write again, but not on my NaNo book -- because I can't seem to brainstorm a really good, juicy conflict for my H/H. OTOH, I did think of a really great conflict for my H/H in "A Jewel for Geoff" so that was exciting. AND, I found some pretty hot pix of a good-looking blond guy to replace my folically challenged Geoff in my mind, so I'm hoping that will help me find him more attractive. I have to be able to fall in love with my heroes, or I can't feel like the heroine can. Yanno?

I wonder if it's legit to add together the writing I do on "A Jewel for Geoff" to the writing I already did for "Drive Me Crazy" and total them for a win on NaNoWriMo?

Probably not. *sigh*


You Should Have Curly Hair

You are cheerful, outgoing, and downright bouncy. People find you to be very personable and real.

You are confident in your own skin, and you don't feel like you have to fake anything.

You are very independent and unique. You wouldn't like to look like every other person on the street.

People find that you're honest, and it's easy to trust you. Others expect you to be honest in all facets of your life.

Well... that's convenient, since I HAVE curly hair. Except -- check this out! I got my hair cut and flat-ironed on Weds. What do you think?

I like it :-) ... or I should say, I likeD it -- cuz it's curly again.

Okay, time to get back to work. Have a great Saturday.



Dru said...

I like your new "do". Will you flat-iron it again?

You Should Have Wavy Hair

You are laid back, friendly, and carefree. You really can't get too hung up on anything as silly as your hair.

You truly enjoy yourself, and you have a natural charisma. People love to flirt with you.

You are casual, low maintenance, and even a little careless. No one would accuse you of being uptight!

You don't have a lot of rules or expectations in your life. You are flying blind and ending up in some pretty interesting places.

Since I have a short natural cut, and this is moderately me, wavy hair is good.

As long as you're writing, that is a good thing.

Have a good Saturday.

Maria Zannini said...

Oh, I'm glad you said DD does custom orders. I was wondering about that. Thanks!

Ref: Banned dog legislation
I saw that on Allie's blog. It's scheduled to go on my blog tomorrow. Living with rotties I am very much AGAINST this legislation. If you read the actual law, it's plain stupid.

Ref: hair
I like the new hair! What is it about us that we always want what we don't have? My sister has very curly hair and she wants it straight.

--I just want more hair. LOL!

Ceri Hebert said...

Thanks for sharing the video. I know the goofiest, sweetest German Shepherd and have known equally sweet Doberman's. It's the owner, not the dog. Do you ever watch Rescue Ink? Good show.

I've shelved NaNo for this year. It's just not doing it for me. Back to editing though.

Enjoy Ida! At least it's not snow or ice.

Tori Lennox said...

LOL re your vivid dream! I've had some like that before.

Brandy said...

That video was great, thank you for sharing it.
I hope you're able to write today! Um, I loved a pair of earring your DD had up but don't have paypal anymore-would you take another form of payment?

Your hair looks great! But, I like it curly, too! *G*

Have a wonderful day!

Allie Boniface said...

Thanks for sharing the video :) I thought it was really well done. your hair either way, though I think I'm partial to the curly :)

Anonymous said...

Love your hair!

I do want to get some stuff from DD's store but going to have to wait a bit since Im getting laid off at the end of this month. Once I have a job again I'll check it out again.

Awesome video. As a big lover of Rotties and most "dangerous" breeds I hate hate hate BSL! Doesn't do one good thing. Also I've been bit by several chis, mini poodles and other small dogs, not so with the big dogs!