Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude. ~E.P. Powell

Today we'll be spending our meal together as a small family: DH, DD, Dd, Dc and I but we will be seeing all of the in-laws later in the afternoon.

In the meantime, let me be thankful:
  • For my family, especially my mother (wish you were here!)
  • For my friends, including all of you in blogger-land
  • For my material blessings -- a home, clothing, food and luxuries like BOOKS!
  • For my health
  • For my fortune in living here in the United States

  • What are you thankful for?



    Dru said...

    Happy Thanksgiving Marianne!

    I'm thankful for family, friends, and the freedom of life.

    Maria Zannini said...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm grateful my hubby is home.

    J.A. Saare said...

    Happy TG! ;) I'm grateful for all the things I have - especially my family.

    Jen of A2eatwrite said...

    Family, friends, the love in my life, our relatively worry-free existence.

    Sorry I haven't been around much... things have been a bit on the insane side.

    Sending you and yours warmth and love on Thanksgiving, Marianne!

    Tori Lennox said...

    Happy Thanksgiving, Marianne!

    I'm thankful for all my friends and family.

    Brandy said...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Small Holidays are the best.
    I am thankful for my family, my friends, my pets, books and our home.