Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bloghopping and Dog Torture

Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum. ~Graycie Harmon

Once again, I'm writing this the night before so that I can use the morning to write in the NaNoWriMo challenge (my word counts can be found at the JaNoWriMo blog).

So, it occurs to me that I'm going to get some weird keyword searches with "Dog Torture" in my blog. Let's get that out of the way first...HERE is our version of dog torture:

Yes, DD made Dakota her own witch's hat. As you can clearly see from the dog's expression, she was underwhelmed by the gesture.

Okay -- I took the time to do a little more blog hopping, per your suggestions. It's so fun to find new blogs to read! Here's what I found:

Dru suggested Cozy Chicks ... so I hopped over and saw a rant about the panic regarding H1N1. I so totally agreed with what she said, I HAD to comment and then kept reading. I think what I like most is that there are several people writing posts, so it's always different, and they are writing about diverse topics, so I'm not bored. I'll definitely be back to this one. Thanks, Dru!

Brandy sent me to the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee -- and for sheer cuteness, this one wins. The blog author fosters kittens for a local shelter and takes pix of all her babies. Is ANYTHING cuter than a kitten (well, except maybe a puppy *G*)?? If you want to get all warm and fuzzy, you should check them out. Awwwwwwwwww....

Tori reminded me how much I love, Love, LOVE Chickens in the Road. I started reading this blog a couple years ago when I read a book of Suzanne McMinn's and I loved it. At first, she still talked about her writing, to a certain extent, but she was just starting to build her house and the blog didn't have the focus it does now. NOW she talks about cooking from scratch (she has the BEST EVER recipes for just about anything -- including one for making yogurt in a crock pot that I'm going to be trying soon), raising goats and chickens and ducks and dogs and cats, gardening, and .... just about everything you can imagine when you read a blog written by a woman living on a farm. I can't recommend this blog enough if you're into that kind of thing. Plus, she has lots and lots of fun pictures. I visit almost daily, and always find something interesting and something to smile about (well...except when two of her goats died, and one of her chickens was gotten by a raccoon -- but, sadly, that's life on a farm).

That was it for my time to blog hop today -- but HEY... gotta a blog you love? Leave me the link in the comments. Very, very soon (like after the first of the year) I will probably replace my author interviews with a post about a blog I found and enjoy. We'll see how that goes!


Today, I went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned. It was uneventful. :-)

Got home and found a note from my DH telling me he was taking down trees at my SIL's house. So, yes, I did do more brush dragging and log hauling and wood stacking again. And, about the toe -- it's not broken, thankfully, and I think the *snap crackle pop* was related to whatever has made it hurt for the last decade or so. It felt mostly better today, right up until I reinjured it moving wood -- in nearly the exact same way I did the first time. You'd think I'd learn. So, yeah, it hurts again. It's swollen again.

And tomorrow? MORE fun with logs. We're heading to the neighbors to start pulling out all the stuff DH cut a couple weeks back.

Bet you wished you were me. Right?



Maria Zannini said...

The title got MY attention. You scared me!

Poor Dakota. I've seen worse humiliations, so she didn't suffer as much as others.

I have a friend who buys outfits for her frou frou dog. The poor dog hates it--especially when she makes her wear the tiger suit. LOL.

Melissa McClone said...

Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

LOL I think Dakota looks adorable. My girls hate stuff like that. Patachou my rottie angel loved wearing clothes which was sooo funny since he was 104 lbs and hard to find stuff in his size.

Going to check out those links in a bit!

Ouch watch that toe!!!

Dru said...

Dakota looks adorable.

Brandy said...

The Lipstick Chronicles had a rant about H1N1 a couple of weeks ago. I'm glad you liked The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. They've raised enough money for their local shelter earlier this year with a fundraiser and auction that a newly furnished cat room at the shelter was named for Charlene Butterbean. *G*
No news is good news when dealing with the Dentist! *G*
Sorry to hear you re-injured your toe, I hope it gets a chance to heal soon!

I also hope you have a terrific day!

Tori Lennox said...

I should have known you already knew about Chickens in the Road. LOL! :)

Poor Dakota! *g*

Sarita Leone said...

Love the photo!

Hope you're having fun with NaNo.