Thursday, March 12, 2009

Anyone Up For A Free Book?

Of COURSE you are and I can't believe I nearly forgot to say something about this!!!

Kimber Chin -- whose book I WAS going to give away this month in my contest has beat me to the punch!

Her book Invisible is being offered up as a free download from her publisher Champagne Books to celebrate eBook Week! Woo HOO!!

SO, if you're interested (and don't miss this chance -- Kimber is an awesome author) you can get it here: or you can go throughKimber's Site

And, because Kimber is already giving this away, I'm going to offer her first book, "Breach of Trust" as my contest prize instead.

BTW, in case you DIDN'T know, it's "Read and eBook Week" (nearly over). Go here to see more folks who are giving away free stuff.

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Dendy Darin said...

Thanks for mention this! great!